Men's Brains Are Still Immature Before 40, Study Claims

Men’s Brains Are Still Immature Before 40, Study Claims

Get a load of this: a man's brain doesn't mature until past 40.

As one study has recently discovered, even well into their 30s and early 40s, men still haven't matured.

You have heard grown men being told they are behaving like kids. You probably thought it was an insult, but it's actually a scientific fact.

There Is Also A Widespread Belief That Women Mature Faster Than Men

Rather than assume these are just social perceptions like the rest of us, a bunch of scientists decided to let science confirm these allegations.

The research went down at the University of Oxford, and maturity levels between men and women were tested and the results put beside each other for comparison.

In the end, they found out that men have a problem "acting their age" because their brains mature much more slowly.

According To Science, Maturity Begins As Soon As We Are Born

And goes on until about 40 years of age.

The efficiency, or maturity, of the brain changes over this time period. The process is much faster among women than it is among men.

That explains why women appear to mature faster than men.

But why is that? Why do men mature more slowly, now that this has been confirmed to be true?

More than 100 subjects had their brains scanned using an MRI machine. The differences in these brains were examined in consideration of the age of the participants and their gender.

In the end, one notable factor emerged: long-term development in men's brains was much slower compared to women's. This delay in long-term brain development explains why men mature much later in life than women.

At Birth, Both Men And Women Have The Same Amount Of Brain Fibers

As the growth process continues, the brain fibers learn to communicate with each other with greater efficiency.

This makes them better at relaying messages to the targeted areas of the brain.

This is the process that manifests itself as maturity.

Anyway, among women, the process occurs much faster.

That is why women are often more mature than their male counterparts of a similar age, at least below the age of 40.

The brains of women reorganize themselves much faster, and for a few years, they work with much greater efficiency.

This efficiency is what makes women capable of making better decisions and avoiding some errors in judgment, unlike younger men of a similar age.

So, don't find it surprising that both men and women will acknowledge on some level that women mature much faster than men, or that many men are still "immature" even past their thirties.

They know what they are talking about, and now, science confirms it.