Men With Tattoos Are The Best Husbands

Men With Tattoos Are The Best Husbands

There is just something about a man with tattoos that makes him so attractive.

Women usually find themselves drooling over men with tattoos, but the truth is that the attraction goes way beyond just the beauty of tattoos. According to research, men with tattoos make the best husbands, and here are the reasons why:


In many societies, tattoos are still considered taboo. Having your body tattooed can even deny you a job opportunity or even make people view you in a negative light.


Despite the stereotypes and negativity that some conservative people have about tattoos, they are still increasing in popularity. Many young people are tattooing their bodies on every street corner, and it has become more of a right of passage.

Men with tattoos:

Many parents warn their young daughters about tattooed men. According to the parents, tattooed men have no direction in life and appear thuggish.

Tattoos are expensive:

Tattoos are pretty expensive to get. This should tell you a lot about the financial capability of a man with tattoos. If you are looking for a financially stable relationship, you better go for a tattooed man.


Even though some tattoos are just there for fun with no specific meaning, other tattoos are done with a purpose. Some men have tattoos that symbolize certain things in their life. These kinds of men are very sensitive and can make great husbands.

No tattoos:

If your list of qualifications for a husband is no tattoos, then you will have a hard time finding a husband. This is because tattoos are becoming more and more popular and in the near future, it will be extremely hard to find a man without tattoos.


Great sex is one of the most important things women look for in their men. With a tattooed man, you are sure to set your relationship on fire with great sexual experiences. To convince you further, you should look at a study published in "Sexual Medicine." This study shows that people with body modifications have better sex, more often than people without.


There is nothing more exciting than having a confident man by your side. People with tattoos are more confident and are very comfortable with their bodies. A study found that once a person has his body tattooed, they get less anxious and are more satisfied with their looks. Their self-esteem increases after getting a tattoo.


Contrary to what you might have heard from your grandmother or seen in movies, a lot of men with tattoos are educated and very smart. According to a recent study, among the people getting tattoos, the majority are educated, young men.

Great dads:

Children whose dads have tattoos seem cooler. Every child in the neighborhood or in school will want to hang out with your kid because his dad has a tattoo. They get more party invites and are not bullied.


There is a lot of research that proves that tattooed men indeed make great life partners. If you are not convinced yet, you better widen your studies.

The next time a guy asks for your phone number, you might want to find out whether any part of his body has ink. If yes, then forget your grandma's advice and go for it.