Men Who Marry Plus-Sized Women Are Way Happier

Men Who Marry Plus-sized Women Are Way Happier

Over the years plus-sized women have been less anticipated in relationships. Many men often look for a slim sexy, skinny woman to marry while leaving out the plus-sized women. Well, you men are missing out on something amazing, and you don't even know it!

The effects of media judgment views tend to put plus-sized women in a negative spotlight, spreading beliefs and notions that they're very lazy.


However, men married to a more chubby woman are much more full of happiness compared to those who are married to a skinny woman.

Plus-sized women have a charming personality

You can never get bored with a chubby woman as it's easy for them to talk about anything confidently, they also tend to associate friendly with any of your colleagues, making it more enjoyable and awesome to hang out with her.


Most men do not do things like dieting

Men like to eat. They will want to taste different varieties of meals. With a plus-sized woman, you will be able to eat and try out different meals as they are not restricted when it comes to eating, unlike a lot of skinnier women who will specify what kind of meal to eat to keep their bodies in perfect condition.


They're proven to be compassionate women

You'll feel a lot of affection as they are good warm huggers and cuddlers. Their warmth leaves men much happier in the relationship. They are also less aggressive toward their spouses.

Plus-sized women make their men secure

Husbands will always be secure with a chubby wife as other men do not always pick them as they are not seen as attractive as the skinny ladies to some people. It takes a special kind of man to handle a voluptuous woman, and she knows it, so she will never stray from the right man. He will be left with a feeling of comfort toward her as he can go away from home and not worry about things like being cheated on.


She's no nuisance

You'll never be bothered with those silly questions like 'honey am I becoming fat?' 'Does my butt look big?' Even with the post-natal weight they often feel comfortable, as they are comfortable within themselves. She will never complain about things concerning weight.

Men like a woman they can laugh with

Chubby women enjoy a lot of laughing, and laughter lightens up and brings joy to your home. As she laughs men tend to laugh along, leading to living longer. I mean, who doesn't need smiles and rib cracks every now and again in life.


She is a selfless person

Plus-sized women normally do not expect huge dates, spending money on presents, or shopping in the malls. They appreciate the simple things in life like a simple dinner at home, or just hanging out and sharing good laughs. Making her happy is easy.

Men have a happier more fulfilled and comfortable life when they marry a chubby woman. There are many more advantages that go with a plus-sized woman; these were just a few! So who will you marry?


This article is not written to underestimate skinny women in any way. We are all beautiful in our own ways.