Men Say They Want An Intelligent Woman...Until They Date One

Men Say They Want An Intelligent Woman...Until They Date One

When you ask a man what type of woman they would like to date, they will suggest that she be smart. After they give descriptions such as good shape, a beautiful face, a good character, and ambitious, 86% will add an intelligent woman to the list.

Why is a significant percentage of educated and smart women single? A lady who is a scientist with several advanced degrees once interacted with a man on a dating site. They were acquainted and went for a date. Everything was going well, and the conversation was flowing with fascinating discussions.

The man asked a question about a topic in the woman's field of work. As a successful scientist, she answered enthusiastically, exuding in-depth knowledge. After the answer, the man cut the date short and explained he had to leave. The lady was baffled because they did not plan for a second date or make any plans of dating. After asking herself so many questions about what went wrong, she came to realize that it could have been her answer. The answer she gave made her appear more intelligent than the guy, and it intimidated him.

Research has been done and shows that intimidation of intelligence has led to men not interacting with smart women. In many classes, men move away from ladies who score higher in tests than them. They feel less masculine and do not ask the ladies out for dates.

What's an Intelligent woman to do?

Not all men are biased when it comes to dating smarter ladies than them. Some men love the challenge, and it is a thrill for them. The research and studies done have involved a small group of men. They did not interview a large group to come up with the findings. So there are plenty of guys who would date a woman who exudes intelligence and tend to take control of the relationship.

In first-world countries, studies show that women are more educated than men in recent years. That's an indication women are earning a higher salary than men.

What reasons would make you date a man who is less intelligent than you?

A woman who happens to experience an ordeal like the lady in the story above should brush him off and move on. They should not blame themselves when the relationship expectations do not go the right way. The man may ghost because of his insecurities and cannot handle a strong lady like you.

In our society, smart women are told to appear less intelligent for them to get spouses. It is the worst advice a woman should follow. Being real in a relationship is essential to build a foundation. Be yourself, and an intelligent man like you will approach you.

Do not suppress your intelligence to fit in a group of people. Show it off in a humble way that people will learn from you. For the guys that are intimidated by the real, you do not give them a chance at all.