men rely on bathrooms to get some peace!

We’ve all heard about men who feel that they are being constantly nagged and bossed around by their partners or by other family members. In fact, this has become something of a standing joke over the years – the classic henpecked husband or boyfriend who would do anything for a little peace and quiet. Well, it seems that men have cottoned on to a plan for getting the peace and quiet they crave, according to recent research.

A recent report has suggested that more and more men are now turning to none other than the bathroom in order to get some peace and quiet! As part of the study, one thousand men in Britain were questioned, and the results were somewhat surprising with regards to their habits when it came to getting a little peace. While many women love to relax in the bathroom for a warm bubble bath and some tranquility, it seems to have become something of a hiding place for men.

What the Research Discovered

So, what did the researchers discover when carrying out their study? Well, one thing that they learned was that men spend on average around seven hours per year locked away in their bathrooms solely to get some quiet time. Admissions from the men suggested that they often headed to the bathroom to get away from their partners nagging them or to escape the noise of their kids.

The figures show that a massive one-third of men are into the habit of hiding away in the bathroom for some quiet time away from their partner and children. Many admitted that they used this time to go on their mobile phones uninterrupted to use social media or catch up on news and sports. One spokesperson involved in the study said that it was important for everyone to get a little privacy and time for themselves, and this was one solution that men seemed to be increasingly turning to. He added that the bathroom had become a sanctuary for some men, as they were able to lock the door to avoid interruption, which they generally cannot do in other rooms in the home.

The spokesperson went on to say that hiding away in the bathroom provided men with a sanctuary where they could block out the outside world for a short while. However, it is not all good news for the men who decide this might be a good idea, as the research also showed that there is a good chance that men will be disturbed by their partner while taking sanctuary in the bathroom with around one-tenth of visits being interrupted.

A Way to Cope

It appears that this odd habit has provided many men with a way to cope with everyday life and having to deal with family. In fact, one-quarter of those who took sanctuary in the bathroom said that if they didn’t do this, they would not be able to cope.

Nearly a quarter said that the bathroom was what they considered to be a haven and close to 15 percent said that they often hid things such as reading materials and even food in the bathroom ready for their escape sessions! Even though so many men use the bathroom to escape, the study also found that it was overwhelmingly the women of the household that actually kept the bathroom clean.

So, next time your partner disappears into the bathroom and doesn’t come back for some time, the chances are he is having a little quiet time!