Men Made Fun Of This Woman For Wearing A Bikini, But Instead Of Covering Up, She Shut Them Down


Shelly has a lot of confidence. And although she might not fit society's narrow definition of beauty, she is currently a strong inspiration for women who are made to feel uncomfortable in their own skins.

Some members of our society have become narrow-minded, and Shelly had a run-in with them while relaxing on the beach. She is from New Zealand.

The woman then noticed some young men were pointing and laughing at her for wearing a bikini in public. But she was not going to take it all sitting down. She approached the men to call them out on their behavior.

She also wrote a powerful letter to such men.

The letter explains that it is because of people such as these that many people are so insecure about their bodies. Also, because of such people, women are afraid to wear bikinis and starve themselves to risking their health to look like models.

Because of these thoughtless people, some people end up suicidal for being considered obese, anorexic, and bulimic.

Shelly also urges parents to teach children that there are many body shapes and that different types of bodies can still be beautiful.

Her appeal is that children don't just learn to stare at one body part and judge individuals based on that. The real beauty lies in a person's eyes and face, and we should learn to accept them regardless of how they look.

If future generations learned to see past a person's physical appearance and to accept that beauty comes in all shapes and forms, incidences of women getting laughed at for wearing bikinis at the beach can be avoided.

The post went on to get over 60,000 likes, and her confidence earned her the admiration of many. A number of those who commented admitted that the post helped them feel more confident in their looks.