men keep ditching her when they find out her job

Amanda Sommer, 27, has it all but no man to share it with.

The OnlyFans content creator, who makes 15,000 pounds per month, revealed she is suffering from "loneliness."

As soon as potential suitors find out what she does for a living, they ditch her.

It's Not All Roses And Rainbows

Men Keep Ditching Her When They Find Out Her Job
men keep ditching her when they find out her job

Amanda, from Hartlepool, talked to The Sun and explained that despite not having a problem with her job, men could not handle it.

The beauty is "frustrated" that guys aren't "open-minded" to accept her. A former flight attendant quit her job at Ryan Air as soon as she started getting serious bucks, but now, she cannot find a partner.

She told the British tabloid that this is repeatedly happening. Amanda added that she tried lying, but the moment they learn the truth, they want "nothing to do with me."

Speaking about her last relationship, the brunette stunner said:

"It's just work to me, and I don't even know what any of the fans look like, so I don't see it as cheating at all. He gave me an ultimatum and said to me, either you stop doing OnlyFans, or I'm leaving, and I said the fact that I have an income comes first, so I have to choose OnlyFans."

Amanda Sommer feels like she's "closing off" because there is no romance in her life.

Dreaming Of Elon Musk Or Bill Gates

Men Keep Ditching Her When They Find Out Her Job
men keep ditching her when they find out her job

Though Sommer is "fed up" with being single, she has some pretty high standards.

Her ideal man is someone she meets in real life, so online dating for this beauty.

She wants to settle down with a billionaire like Elon Musk or Bill Gates. Perhaps that's not something other guys want to hear.

But what is it about OnlyFans that keeps men away? Amanda said:

"One, because it's controversial, and if I tell them upfront, they sometimes get jealous, I think because I earn more money than them and they don't like. I think that is a big reason as well, rather than then getting jealous of me talking to other guys."

And though she thought she would only post on the website until she finds another job, the money is too good. Either Amanda will embrace her single life, or her prince charming will come to rescue her.

But not all OnlyFans creators are unlucky in love. Some have partners who help them come up with amusing posts, while others get help from their family members.

Would you date someone who is making their money on OnlyFans?