Men Are Emotional, Too, If You Know What To Look For

Men are often criticized for exhibiting only a limited range of emotions such as laughter, anger, and stoicism. However, this oversimplifies their true emotional complexity. If you observe closely, men do experience a wide range of emotions, but they may not express them as openly as women do. Rather than viewing this as a negative trait, it presents an opportunity to pay closer attention to their emotional cues.


I'm not implying that your man will start crying during Twilight or turn into your best girlfriend. However, he does experience the same emotions as you, albeit in his own unique way. So instead of accusing him of being unemotional, keep in mind that he does have emotions, even if he struggles to express them.

1. He relaxes into your touch

Try placing your hand on his shoulder or wrapping your arms around him and observe his reaction. If he relaxes into your touch, it could mean he's feeling content and happy or a little stressed, and your touch is calming him down. If it's the latter, you might notice a tense feeling at first before he fully relaxes.


2. He actually wants to cuddle

If you ever have doubts about how much you mean to your man, take note when he wants to cuddle. It's a clear sign that he's happy and at ease with you, and it's also a subtle way of expressing his love and trust for you.

3. He tells you about his day

Men often don't share details about their day, assuming that it won't interest you. However, if he does share the daily details, it's a good indicator of his excitement or stress level, which can be discerned from his tone. While he may not admit to freaking out about work, his willingness to share those stressful details shows that he seeks your support.


4. He gets quieter than usual

Women often get angry with their boyfriends for suddenly becoming quiet, but this isn't necessarily a negative sign. When a man is upset, stressed, or angry, he often goes quiet to avoid saying something he might regret and to give himself time to process the situation. It's important to be supportive and let him know you're there for him, but avoid pushing him to talk. Trust that he'll open up when he's ready.


5. He does something nice for you

I understand that a man suddenly being extra affectionate could be misconstrued as an attempt to cover up a mistake, but it could also indicate that he's feeling particularly loving or concerned about losing you. Yes, men worry about losing their partners too. He may have heard about a friend's breakup and wants to show you how much he cares to avoid a similar situation.


6. He shares his hobby with you

If a guy invites you to share his hobby with him, it's a sign that he's opening up and being vulnerable with you. Don't hesitate to join in and discover what he enjoys. You'll likely witness your man's inner child emerge as he shares his passion with you, and you'll also get to see a different side of him and enjoy more meaningful conversations together.


7. He ignores the world

If your man suddenly seems oblivious to everything around him, it's likely not intentional. This type of behavior usually occurs gradually and indicates that he's experiencing extreme stress or upset. It's his mind's way of coping with the situation, especially since men are often expected not to talk about their feelings. After internalizing so much, he may start to zone out as a means of self-protection.


8. He gives you the facts about his worries

If your man is sharing what's going on with him, it's a sign that he trusts you, which is a significant step in your relationship. Don't expect him to provide lengthy details, as guys aren't typically known for oversharing. He's likely just giving you the facts and seeking your input. Don't get upset if he doesn't go into too much depth, and appreciate that he's confiding in you and letting you know that something's wrong.


9. He wants to spend time alone

If your man is extremely tired or upset, he may want to be alone as a way of feeling safe and keeping his emotions in check. This isn't a reflection on you, so don't take it personally. Allow him to have his alone time, but also communicate that you're available if he needs anything.

10. He gets playful

When your man is feeling playful, it could mean he's either feeling good about life or he's in the mood for some intimacy. It's usually easy to tell which one it is. Plus, if he's extremely happy, he may also be feeling horny.


11. He tries out things you like

When your man starts trying things that you know he's not into, it could mean that he's trying to show you how much he cares about you. However, if you haven't slept together yet and he's been pressuring you for sex, his willingness to try new things may also be an attempt to convince you to be intimate with him.


12. His tone changes

A man's emotions can be detected through his voice. If his tone is deep and careful, he may be angry. If it cracks or sounds hesitant, he's likely upset. Talking faster indicates excitement. Keep in mind that everyone is unique, so pay attention and learn what changes in tone mean for your man.

13. He wears different colors

Men, like women, can also use their clothing choices to express their emotions. If he switches to darker colors, it could mean he's feeling sad or stressed. However, it's important not to overanalyze this sign and use it in conjunction with others.


14. He walks differently

A man's walk can give you insight into his emotions. A stiff walk could mean he's angry, while a slower gait might indicate uncertainty. If he's feeling confident, he'll stand up straighter and even strut a bit. It's a fun sign to observe, but can also be a useful indicator of his emotional state.


Despite struggling to express their own emotions, women still use subtle signs to communicate them. By paying closer attention to your partner, you may be able to decode their emotions.