Men Are 6 Times More Likely To Leave Their Wives When Serious Illness Strikes, Studies Show

Men Are 6 Times More Likely To Leave Their Wives When Serious Illness Strikes, Studies Show

Marriage vows say 'in sickness and in health', but reality tells a different story. According to a study, men are not particularly keen on sticking around when ill health plagues their partners. In fact, men are 6 times more likely to abandon their wives when serious sickness strikes.

We are obviously not talking about a cold or a headache here, but a terminal illness that leaves someone incapacitated.

Obviously, this finding is quite unsettling, and it's even more shocking to learn that divorce rates increased when the wife got sick. Surprisingly, that did not happen when the husband got sick.

It might even be more disturbing to learn that this is hardly the only study to draw this conclusion. As it turns out, several studies have revealed that most men want out of the marriage as soon as their wives have a serious illness.

This particular study revealed that when a woman was diagnosed with cancer or multiple sclerosis, she was 6 times more likely to get divorced or separated than when the husband received the same diagnosis.

The study involved five hundred patients who had brain tumors. They were married before the diagnosis was made. But by the end, over 50% of them were divorced.

This is obviously devastating news for many married women who have just had a cancer diagnosis.

However, the good thing is that the length and the quality of the marriage will also determine whether the marriage can still survive even after a heartbreaking medical diagnosis.

But there is an obvious reason for this trend – women tend to be more supportive in relationships. They are natural caregivers.

Consequently, when a man suffers a serious terminal illness, their lives do not change too much. Bur for the men, having their partners depend on them to such an extent is something they are not used to.

They are often incapable of handling the extra demands placed on them, and they see walking away as an option.

After all, women also tend to have many close family members and friends who can help them through these tough times better than their husbands probably would.

But still, the reason many husbands decide to end the marriage after a wife gets such a diagnosis is a serious issue that raises more questions than it can answer.

However, husbands who are tempted to do this need to know one thing. It is important to stick around, even when it does not seem like there is much you can do. This is your partner, and giving the situation a chance is the least you can do.

You can even try to have other people who can help you get through this, and you are not being forced to stay either – but it's important to understand that there are many options besides leaving.

Why would you let the love of your life go through this on their own, even if they have someone else to take care of their personal day to day needs?

What are your thoughts on this? Thinks there is some truth to it?