Meghan Markle Makes Heartbreaking Confession About Baby Lilibet

Meghan Markle appeared on The Ellen Show and revealed a heartbreaking confession about her second child with Prince Harry, Lilibet.

Last January, the world watched as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave up their royal lives and ended in California.

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The couple wanted more privacy and a somewhat normal upbringing for their son Archie and later their baby girl, Lilibet.

Yet, it was not smooth sailing.

Disconnecting From The UK And The Royal Family

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Meghan and Harry's decision to move away from the Royal family came with a massive backlash. Many think that the two insulted the Crown, as reports suggest that Harry's and William's relationship is "hanging by a thread."

Despite what the tabloids said, the official Royal accounts acknowledged the arrival of the couple's daughter, whose name is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Oprah Interview

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One of the most significant blows to the relationship with the Royals came after Harry admitted his father cut them off. Meghan and Harry live off Diana's inheritance.

When Oprah asked what made them leave, Harry said it was a "lack of support and lack of understanding."

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He also stated he wanted to step away from "genetic pain," referring to the lack of love from his father and explaining how that disconnection started a long time ago.

Harry still has some faith in his dad.

Talking about the pain, and his father, Prince Harry, stated:

"I feel really let down because he's been through something similar, he knows what pain feels like, (and) Archie's his grandson."

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Prince Charles' younger son added:

"But at the same time – I will always love him – but there's a lot of hurt that's happened, and I will continue to make it one of my priorities to try and heal that relationship. But they only know what they know or what they're told."

Lilibet's Name

Another significant scandal was the couple's choice to name their daughter Lilibet.

As any royal fan knows, it was Queen Elizabeth's nickname since she was a child. Two people used it: her late father and her late husband, Prince Philip.

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, called the name "rude."

The baby's full name is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. It pays tribute to both the Queen and Lady Diana, Prince Harry's mom, who died in a car accident in 1997.

What's In A Name?

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After the couple settled on the name, the social media accused them of breaking royal protocol and invading the Queen's privacy.

Some called it the "onslaught of abuse."

Another royal expert, Richard Kay, stated it was a step too far for Harry and Meghan.

He wrote:

"By giving the baby the name Lilibet, the Queen's private family nickname – even though they intend to use the diminutive 'Lili' for their daughter – there is a risk."

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While it is easy to see why some are upset, it is still something between Harry and his grandmother.

Kay continued:

"Will it be seen as a presumptuous choice for a royal baby who is eighth in line to the throne, but who will grow up on the other side of the world speaking with an American accent?"

He continued:

"It is tempting to wonder if Harry would have been so emboldened in his choice if his grandfather Prince Philip – the only close family member permitted to call the Queen 'Lilibet' – had still been alive."

Key concluded:

"Doubtless, there will be among the more cautious courtiers at the Palace some discomfort and the odd raised eyebrow at this latest convention-destroying Exocet from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex."

Questioning The Couple's Desire For Privacy

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After seeing the promo clip for The Ellen Show, many people rushed to express their opinions on social media.

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Despite all the comments, Ellen promoted the show by saying:

"A lot has changed since the last time Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, was on the Warner Brothers lot. Don't miss the rest of our interview tomorrow."

Meghan Before International Fame

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Before joining the Royal family, Meghan Markle was somewhat famous due to her role in Suits.

Yet, getting there was a challenge, as she told Ellen:

"I would park on gate three, and I would scoot on over, and the security guards here would always say, 'break a leg, I hope you get it.' So driving today was very different."

Auditions were exhausting, even more so as Meghan's car refused to cooperate. She shared with Ellen:

"It had a life of its own, so I had this very old Ford Explorer Sport, and at a certain point the key stopped working on the driver's side, so you couldn't get yourself in through the door, so after auditions, I would park at the back of the parking lot, and I would open the trunk and climb in, pull the door shut behind me and crawl all over my seats to get out. That's how I would come to and fro."

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Ellen asked whether someone noticed, and Markle said:

"No, I would play it off, I'd go 'Oh, I'm just looking for my resume, highlighters for my script. Maybe it's back there,' and then crawl in and close it."

Meghan Talks About Her Montecito Life

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Markle said she was happy with her life, but reveling that Lilibet has started teething, once again, she started numerous comments on social media.

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Like any mom, Meghan's desperate to help her daughter, trying "anything to relieve" the baby's pain.

Ellen suggested Tequila.

Meghan responded playfully:

"That's Auntie Ellen for you."

Ellen then said:

"That's why I don't have kids."

Make sure to check out the show, and if you don't, you know you can count on us for a quick recap. Will Harry make a surprise visit? Will there be any mentioning of the Mail on Sunday case? Stay tuned!