Megan Fox Just Dyed Her Hair "Barbie" Ice Blonde For Autumn, And Wow


Megan Fox is known as this vamp temptress, with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. Her aesthetic became her trademark, even overshading her acting.

She tried experimenting with Barbie pink, but that did not last long.

But the latest change is dramatic, as Megan bleached her hair and went full-on ice princess blonde for the fall.

Megan's hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, shared the latest look, calling the actress "SPY BARBIE MEGAN FOX.

In a short clip, the hairstylist shared, the caption read, "New hair, who dis?"

Then he revealed that it was Megan, though it remains a mystery whether these were extensions, a wig, or Megan changing her black hair to icy blonde, something which we don't recommend you try a home.

The frosty ice blonde is undoubtedly a hit this fall, but do you think this is the right choice for Megan?