Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: The Disaster That Left Her Looking Like A "Batman Villain"

meg ryan plastic surgery: the disaster that left her looking like a “batman villain”

Before her plastic surgery, Meg Ryan was an American sweetheart known throughout the world for her roles in popular movies such as Sleepless In Seattle, Top Gun, You've Got Mail, and City of Angels.

Today, unfortunately, many people are asking what happened to Meg Ryan. The Hollywood star has since become unrecognizable after undergoing terrible plastic surgeries.

meg ryan plastic surgery: the disaster that left her looking like a

To be honest, Meg Ryan has had a life full of controversies. In 2019, she called off her wedding plans to John Mellencamp (for the second time) and even dumped him.

However, her most recent and enduring controversy has everything to do with her messy plastic surgery, which has been responsible for her changed appearance over the past few years.

Meg Ryan Insists She Hasn't Had Any Work Done

The Hollywood actress claims that she has not had any work done. However, she is not fooling anyone.

In fact, doctors insist the star just had "too much" done on her face. The procedures included botox and fillers that resulted in the disaster we see today.

Dr. Mark Youssef, a plastic surgeon, revealed that the changes in Meg's appearance were surgically achieved. He also pointed out that "she looked better before this work."

Like most people, the expert explains that people were "a little shocked because she doesn't look like the Meg Ryan that we all love."

The doctor also pointed out that she seemed to have had "some sort of rhinoplasty" since the tip of her nose "looks more pinched." On top of that, the star probably had "too much Botox in the forehead" and "volume in her lips" and was probably dealing with plastic surgery addiction.

Today, Meg Ryan has an unnatural look on her face caused by unusually full cheeks and small squinting eyes. Some say she looks more masculine, and that the fillers should have been placed in a manner that gave her a softer feminine look.

Appearance At The Tony's, Comparison To "The Joker"

Criticism for the star began after she appeared at the Tony Awards with a whole new face back in 2016. That was when Ryan's plastic surgery rumors began spreading.

For a while after the shocking debut, her face was trending. Some people compared her to a Batman villain who loves using lots of makeup.

meg ryan plastic surgery: the disaster that left her looking like a

A year earlier, fans and cosmetic surgeons were already accusing her of going too far while having her cosmetic surgical procedures. For many people, the procedures were obvious because her forehead and the area between her eyes had stopped moving.

After her dramatic appearance at the Tony's, the world suspected that she had gotten a facelift and fillers. When the beautiful star appeared, she had a face free of lines as she addressed the audience.

Her cheeks were plumper and her lips were a little fuller at the event. Today, whenever Meg Ryan smiles, the additional volume of fat in her cheeks moves up and makes her eyes seem "squinty."

Facial fillers are injectable products that enhance facial volume. Unfortunately, when too much of this product is used on the body, the results are usually unnatural.

Many experts say this is what happened with Meg Ryan.

Criticism From Fellow Stars

Meg Ryan has always denied or refused to confirm accusations that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. That has drawn a lot of criticism, including sharp words from fellow stars like Jane Leeves, who claimed that "Meg Ryan destroyed her career with plastic surgery."

Jane had more to say about the aging film star:

"I don't want to have some hideous surgery that is not even going to guarantee me any work and could make me unemployable."

meg ryan plastic surgery: the disaster that left her looking like a

Obviously, some people came to her defense saying that the pressure Hollywood puts on women to stay young pushes them to have plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, this story has been told far too many times.

It's a well-known secret that a lot of actors get plastic surgery. Today, people have a problem with stars getting bad plastic surgery and then trying to blame the unappealing results on the "unreasonable" demands of celebrity life.

However, as with Meg Ryan, not all of them admit to having undergone the procedures, even when the unfortunate results are out there for everyone to see.

Still, some of these celebrities are pretty honest about having some work done, despite this being considered a taboo in Hollywood.

Some of the stars that have come out to speak about their cosmetic surgeries include Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, and even Cardi B among others.

Lots Of Hollywood Stars Undergo Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan is hardly the only beloved star to have gone overboard with her plastic surgery. Others include the Duchess of Alba, Heidi Montag (who once had 10 procedures done in a single day), Donatella Versace, Katie Price, Mickey Rourke, Nikki Cox, and others.

There is a lot of evidence showing that plastic surgery has been the downfall of many Hollywood stars. That is probably why actresses like Kate Winslet have warned against misusing plastic surgery.

Obsession with youth has made many stars go overboard in their attempts to remain young.

What Now For The Aging Hollywood Sweetheart?

Today, Meg Ryan is 59 years old, but most people seem to remember her more for the cosmetic procedures she has had within the last decade, not her decades-long acting career.

In her heydays, she was a gorgeous beauty with undeniable charm.

What's worse is that most people believe that she looked much better before she had any work done. After a flurry of procedures, Meg Ryan does not look like fans remember.

Without a doubt, all this has to really suck for Meg Ryan. She wanted to enhance her looks but instead ending up looking less attractive and becoming the butt of many unsavory jokes about her appearance and life choices.

meg ryan plastic surgery: the disaster that left her looking like a

Fortunately, recent pictures of Meg Ryan don't show any evidence of the star undergoing any further cosmetic procedures, although she is still remembered in some circles as a plastic surgery disaster.