Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

There is such thing as meeting the right person at the wrong time. Relationships are all about the perfect timing. So, focus on the greater picture, and wait to see if this is true love that it's worth waiting for it.

When it comes to love, time is almost always everything! Coincidence? Divine intervention? Who knows! But the whole idea behind the right person at the wrong time that's what makes life so interesting and yet, excruciatingly painful.

Thoughts about the right person at the wrong time and the wrong person at the right time are the ones that can haunt you for years, if not forever. It always makes you wonder about what if, the possibilities and crossroads you encounter in life.

But if you think about it, if you are truly happy in life, either alone or with the perfect companion, would you still wonder about that whole right person at the wrong time dilemma? Or would you just be happy with how your life turned out?

This is key to understanding the whole reason why you are thinking about this at all. Is it possible that you are not completely satisfied with the way your life or relationship status has turned out? Or have you recently met someone who seems perfect to you, BUT one of you is in a relationship with someone else?

The Right Person, The Wrong Time And The Crossroads Of Life

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

It is true that during your life you will probably meet a few people who could be "the one." Sometimes you go out with them and realize you were wrong. And other times, you just can never find out.

The problem is that they may not be "the one for now." We can all admit that we are not the same person as time passes. Sometimes we meet the right person at the wrong time. We do what we do, we are what we are, and we learn from our mistakes and move on.

The Right Person At The Wrong Time - 17 Scenarios When You Might Feel That Way

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

Is it the worst time? But still, that's exactly what you feel when the right person hits you in the wrong time scenario. Here is a list of 17 circumstances that describe some of the worst times to meet the right person.

#1 You like your freedom. Maybe it's because you've recently ended a relationship with someone, or you're just in that particular way of thinking, but the thought of giving up your free life gives you cold feet. It doesn't matter if you met your potential life partner; you want to have a little fun, and that's it. On this occasion, the decision is yours.

#2 You don't feel the best. It can be a severe illness that you deal with when you meet the right person, which affects your ability to act on it or a common cold. If you only have one chance to impress, and your nose is leaking like a tap, that could certainly be enough to turn the odds against your favor.

#3 Your education gets in the way. You are in the middle of important university or work-related studies, and the love of your life enters the room. Are you willing to sacrifice it for each other?

#4 You are too drunk. You met at a club or pub and are more than tipsy. You're unlikely to leave a good impression and probably won't pull it off, but it's worth staying until you sober up.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

#5 You are a single parent. Single parenting is a very demanding situation, and if the right person is not so right that they can see through it, you will hardly find time to dedicate yourself to the relationship. Still, with a bit of help from family and friends, you might be able to set aside enough time.

#6 Strapped for cash. There is nothing worse than wanting to impress, while the situation at your bank is not promising. Not to despair about this, because there are also ideas for cheap dates that can impress.

#7 They are already dating someone. If it turns out that the apple of your eye is already attached, then you are really in a minefield. There are two ways to go, and either you or someone else will get hurt. Tread carefully!

#8 You are already dating someone. Contrary to the last point: you are the one who is attached. It's time to do a detailed analysis of your relationship to see if it's worth staying before you dive into unexplored waters.

#9 The story of the age gap. You meet your soulmate. You have a connection, you find them incredibly attractive ... just one problem: there is a significant age difference, and you feel like it's too inappropriate. A relationship can function, despite generational gaps, but there are many obstacles that you need to overcome first.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

#10 Life takes you away. You meet the right person just when long-term life plans are slowly starting. Maybe it's a new job, a new home, a new life in a new country; Again, you need to think if you want to give up your plans for someone you don't really know. But again, it's love.

#11 A holiday that turns into love. There are many reasons why holiday love can succeed, but usually, after the adventure is over, it means separation. Few couples survive the distance, but it can be done.

#12 This person is your friend. This is not a case of meeting the right person, but realizing that they are already there, and you are firmly in the friendzone. This situation has its problems, but it is possible to redirect them to your way of thinking with a bit of persistence.

#13 You're in a mess. When life problems arise - and let's face it: the list of such problems is long - you may not be able to focus on other areas. That, of course, depends on how serious your issues are.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

#14 Missed opportunity. Like a story from a movie, for no reason at all, you completely fall for a stranger passing you by the street or a train/bus. Certainly, it looks like a rom-com, but be careful and cautious. What might seem romantic to you may come across as creepy to the object of your affections.

#15 You're not feeling well right now. Awkward? Yes. Hard? Even more. But if they are the person you think they are, a little perseverance should show them the true you that lies behind life's difficulties.

#16 Rebound relationship. Certain relationships are not set on the best foundation for everlasting love. You may think they're your future husband or wife, but it could be just your emotions fooling you. Take things slowly until you know for sure.

#17 Third-Party Issues. There is nothing worse than trying to impress that special someone when a recent ex spies on your every move. This does not leave a good impression and you have to bring everything out into the open with your new flame before the situation is spoiled by external influences.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

Life can sometimes be a cruel joke, especially when you think you've met the right person at the wrong time and missed an opportunity.

But again, there are a few things you need to ask yourself to overcome this confusion honestly.

Are they the right person, the wrong time ... or the wrong person, the wrong time?

But if you're not on the same track, with the same readiness, or generally in the same place of emotional maturity in life, no matter how compatible you are, it's not meant to be. And it's not the right connection at the right time.

Even if you think that the person is perfect for you at that point, maybe in a few years, it won't be right for you. Or you may even realize that they are not your ideal spouse once you turn your life around just to date them.

Believe it or not, sometimes people don't even know who's right for them. They occasionally grab someone close by and hope the relationship succeeds. If it's not the right person, then it won't. Here are a few traits of someone who is the right person for you.

The Right Person

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

# 1 You get each other. Whether you are 2 or 82 years old, soulmates simply have that ability to understand each other. It's like speaking the same language that no one else gets - it's just comfortable and suitable to be together.

The real person is like finding another sock that is missing in the underwear. A perfectly paired couple and you feel happy to have made your way home.

# 2 They care more about you than they do about themselves. The right person for you is the person who cares more about your wellbeing than theirs. It doesn't mean they are sacrificing; it just means that your happiness is right next to theirs.

They know that happiness takes two. You and them. Extending what they believe they are, they want the best for you - sometimes more than they want for themselves. This would definitely be the right person, the wrong time.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

# 3 Protect and defend. A right person is someone who will protect you to death, or at least to their own discomfort. Sure, they can fight their own battles but will come to help whenever you need them.

Every battle fought is a joint venture, and their job is to protect you by letting you know that they are always in your corner and will always be there to guard you.

# 4 Same interests. We all grow old, wrinkled, and don't look like 20 forever. If you want the relationship to last, the right person is someone you have things in common with. You can talk about anything and have fun together. The right person is someone you want to share the sunsets with, whether it's on Kilimanjaro or the deck of your back porch.

Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time? The Secrets Behind Perfect Timing In Love

# 5 They bring the best in you. The right person for you is not someone who tells you what you want to hear, but someone who tells you what you need to hear. This includes saying uncomfortable things that can hurt your feelings.

The right person knows that it is their duty, as someone who loves you, to push you where you think you cannot go and to love you more than you think you are capable of.

Obviously, instead of the right person, the wrong time, the key is to find the right person, the right time. It's much easier said than done, but if you don't wait for the right time with the right person, you can lose the love of your life.