Meeting A Great Man Can Be A Disaster After Experiencing Too Many Toxic Relationships

Meeting A Great Man Can Be A Disaster After Experiencing Too Many Toxic Relationships

A string of bad relationships can leave your heart closed up, even to the guy of your dreams. Here's how you know this is happening to you.

Even when the perfect guy comes along, you might still be a long way from the happy ending you thought you would have when you met — You might have the toxic relationships you have had in the past to blame for that.

You expect to get hurt

Sure, you know that you have landed a good guy, but instead of enjoying every moment of it, your mind is busy reminding you of all the horrors you have gone through in your past relationships. You are always waiting for the slightest sign that he is just like other hurtful players out there.


You lose faith in the fact that good guys exist

After every guy you have met turns out to be a bastard, you now consider that to be true of every other man that crosses your path. Even though his behavior and mannerisms indicate that he is not, you cannot help but think it's all an act and his true toxic self will come out.

You are afraid to fall in love with him


You have done it in the past – fallen in love with the guy you thought was perfect for you and then it all turned out to be a disaster. Therefore, you find yourself holding back to avoid getting hurt again.

You get the urge to push him away

Since emotional pain is the mentality you now have about relationships, you want to avoid such a scenario at all costs. For this reason, you find the urge to push him away to avoid getting hurt, but what you are really pushing away is a rare chance to have the relationship that is truly worth having.

You feel unworthy of love


After many relationships have ended so badly, you start to think maybe you are to blame. Maybe you are unworthy of a good loving relationship. Therefore, when the perfect guy showers you with his love, you find yourself feeling guilty and unworthy of that affection.

The relationship seems tedious

Bad relationships can suck the life out of you. You put an abundant amount of effort into a relationship that ends up in doom. So, you find every relationship like a huge chore, and you feel too tired to start all over again, even after finding the perfect guy.


You keep him waiting

You cannot let anything get beyond your control; not after so many heartaches. So, to ensure that you do not lose control of anything, you take things really slow, but not because you are playing hard to get. All this time you are simply struggling with anxieties and other concerns that this relationship might be a mistake as well.

You are torn between being single and being in a relationship

Single life can be a welcome relief after a demanding and toxic relationship. You embrace the joys of single life, and it feels great. So, when you imagine losing that freedom to get into a relationship that could result in more hurt, it can make you hesitant.

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand more than once. When this happens with your relationships, it can weigh on you and affect your future romantic prospects. Above are some ways to know that a string of past toxic relationships is affecting a budding and promising relationship. Understanding this can go a long way in helping you open your heart to love and happiness once again.