Meet The OnlyFans Model And Neuroscience Student Who's Giving Back To The Troops

meet the onlyfans model and neuroscience student who’s giving back to the troops

If you take a moment to scroll through Cami Strella's social media profiles, you'll note that there are numerous topics she supports.

There is always diversity in the content she posts.

From starting with sharing sultry images in tasteful lingerie to explaining the latest developments in neuroscience.

Even debunking stereotypes about sex workers often gets in the picture.

However, most people will recognize her from a viral 2020 Veterans Month TikTok post.


What Everybody Remembers

On the way to get her neuroscience graduate degree, Strella found herself inspired to invest some time in military appreciation.

This wish came to her mind after the loss of a very close friend.


By the time the pandemic hit the world in early 2020, she was looking for a way that could help her pay her way through school and give back to the troops.

Then suddenly, OnlyFans came to the picture. This platform helped her a lot in her goals. She uploads and streams adult content for her subscribers, and some of them are even seeking personalized videos and photos.


Who is Cami Strella?

Cami is a 27-year-old girl who is in graduate school for an allied health program. Soon she will be specializing in neurological rehabilitation.

She was born and raised in the Southeast U.S. as a child of two immigrant parents. One of them is a veteran, and this fact had a huge impact on what she does.


"My family is aware of what I do, and they are actually very supportive."

Her family has always stood behind her decisions.

Not Her First Time

The OnlyFans platform is not her first experience in this job. She said that she had worked in a gentlemen's club previously.

"I've been in the adult industry for the last three years, including other online adult work. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, as you may know, OnlyFans became the platform of choice for all types of sex workers to use as venues shut down nationwide."


Around late 2020, she became increasingly worried about paying for her graduate school tuition, so she decided to join the site as a creator.

The Military Content

Cami said that her target-community saw her first video on TikTok.

"Many in the military and veteran community who follow me originally found me when a TikTok I posted went viral in November 2020. For Veteran's Day this past year, I posted two videos, both of which have received a lot of attention."


She never predicted that more than 300 people would take up her offer. It is a well-known fact that the things we assume in our thoughts often end up in a different way.

In the end, it resulted in bringing over 3,000 people in one day!

The Trigger

Cami's second video was a little more somber than the first one.


She opened her heart and shared her experience of losing a close Army officer.

"This is what sparked my interest to want to go into the neuroscience field, to begin with — to study TBIs and SCIs. He is still my 'why'."

He survived a traumatic brain injury after three deployments, but unfortunately in the end he took his own life.

Her Goal

Her main intention is to offer them support.


"If anything, I just want service members to know that I care and that although it may be in an unusual way, I'm fighting to help them. I also donate 10 percent of my monthly earnings to a military charity and I typically have subscribers vote for which one they want me to donate to."

She claims that she doesn't create anything specific in terms of content for service members.

However, there is a strong reason why a lot of her content is geared towards this community.


As a girl who was raised in an area with a large concentration of service members of all branches, she always felt embedded with the culture from a young age.

Her Message

She started in February 2020, and her first income was only $11.18.

Nearly a year later, Cami ranks in the top 0.88 percent of all creators worldwide.

"People seem to think that you just create an account and you instantly make money, and that's not how it works at all. If you truly want to be successful with OnlyFans, you need to be ready to invest a significant amount of time, money, and energy, just like any business."


Unlike other social media platforms, OnlyFans does not have a built-in algorithm that could help others find you. It's a direct-to-consumer type of model in which the creator has to prepare their own marketing strategy outside of the platform.

In her opinion, OnlyFans is just a version of this that has caught up with the times.

The easy access to the desired content is attractive to both creators and subscribers for both long-distance reasons, and for staying safe during the pandemic.