Meet The Mom Who Wants To Breastfeed Her 5-Year-Old Daughter And Younger Son Until They Are 10, Yay Or Nay

Breastfeeding had been a controversial subject for decades. Many people express strong opinions about the idea, arguing that it's one of the best and natural parenting ways in life.

Despite these claims, some are put off by the idea of breastfeeding, especially in public places. They even jump on board when they see or hear a mother feeding a kid who's older than 5 years. Some consider it as "socially unacceptable."

Just because you're doing something different or isn't a cultural norm doesn't mean it's wrong. Once you choose to breastfeed your child, your body will continue producing milk to nourish your kid.

But every mother is unique and has a different understanding of breastfeeding. Whatever age a woman decides to feed her child with breastmilk, it doesn't matter as long as both the kid and mother are happy. Some children will still want to breastfeed even when they reach toddlerhood.

Miira Dawson, a 36 year old mother in Finland, breastfeeds her two kids even though her older daughter Tala has started schooling. She says that she has never thought of bottle-feeding her children.

Miira Dowson is a science researcher who has turned into a full-time mother. She says that even if other parents question her decision to breastfeed her kids even after the age of 5, breastmilk benefits are scientifically proven.

The mother shared a shocking statement when she said that she wants to breastfeed her children until they reach 10 years of age. She claims that it'll make her kids more intelligent.

Miira has a two-year-old son, Ray Lee, and a 5-year-old daughter, Tala. She nurses both kids three times daily and shares her bed with them.

In an interview, she said that she wants to breastfeed her children until they reach their 10th birthday. She said it's a great thing for kids to grow up remembering being breastfed, although not many people would be courageous enough to say it. Miira added that breastmilk has many health and IQ benefits.

She also said that although she enjoys nursing her kids, breastfeeding has caused a strain in her relationship with her husband. The mom co-sleeps with both her daughter and son while her husband sleeps in a separate bedroom.

Her husband, Jim, claims that he feels left out. In an interview, Jim said that he had no choice but to support her wife and her decisions.

World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed breastfeeding kids' health benefits longer than the standard age. The AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) has also supported the WHO report. It has released a statement that human's natural weaning should be between 2-7 years.

Breastfeeding past infancy, as well as during toddlerhood can help in decreasing breast cancer on the child when they mature or later in life. It can also prevent them from contracting illnesses at their tender age. This's because breastmilk boosts the immunity of a baby.

According to Miira, the benefits of breastfeeding your kids beyond the "normal breastfeeding age" outweigh the downsides. She's encouraging mothers to feed their children as long as it takes.