meet simone goodall, gorgeous flight attendant

Gorgeous flight attendant, Simone Goodall, is an instant crush for every guy who's into curvy ladies with a British accent.

The London-born Instagram star was born on June 9, 1999. Young and bootylicious, this lady has over 200K followers on her Instagram account already.

But something tells us that her numbers will go up once you see her in action.

Simone Goodall and her tiny, tight dresses

Apart from provocative lingerie photos, you might notice that Simone Goodall is sensuous even when she's out and about.

With her bossy attitude and always in tight dresses, this English rose doesn't play around.

The leggy brunette, with a rather impressive decolletage, has an expensive taste, and she doesn't shy away from expensive gifts. She's also a fan of traveling; hence she chose to be a flight attendant.

She enjoys healthy meals and workouts, Chanel, and strongly believes in the power of black lace lingerie.

Though she doesn't like to smile when she's posing, she has every reason to. Her pictures in the working uniform have gone viral, and people actually want to pay to be on her flight.

If looks could kill...

Goodall is only 21, but her demure posture, as well as her looks, belong in the golden age of Hollywood.

Simone is classy, elegant, and yet incredibly sensual, so it's no wonder that she has fans from all over the world.

She does have one man in her life, but it's her dog Marley, so you might still have a shot. But with a woman like Simone, a guy only gets one shot, so use it wisely if you do get a chance.

In the sea of drop-dead gorgeous fresh faces, there's something rather distinctive about this young lady. And it goes beyond her perfect pins, perky boobs, and pouty lips.

Let's just say that Simone's intriguing like she knows what you want before you do. And if you're having some naughty thoughts on your mind, you're not the only one!