Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web

meet peter scully, the depraved predator who built a child pornography empire on the dark web

The monsters that lurk in the dark web do despicable things that would keep the most desensitized people awake at night. A perfect example is Peter Scully, who was born in 1963 in Australia and went on to earn notoriety for torturing and raping children as young as several months old.

Given the gravity of his crimes, many were demanding his death and it was obvious why his offenses angered so many. Fortunately, the Australian criminal will be spending the rest of his life in a Filipino prison, where he was arrested.

Scully was taken into custody in 2015 for making numerous videos of himself abusing children on the internet. His deeds were so depraved that the Philippines considered bringing back the death penalty just to execute him.

The country ruled out capital punishment back in 1986, but given Scully's appalling crimes, people felt it was the right time to bring it back.

The things he did are without a doubt among the vilest things known to humankind. The worst thing about it is that he did not feel any remorse for these despicable crimes. In fact, he often joked and laughed about his crimes even after his arrest.

Scully Had A Normal Life And A Family Before Graduating To A Life Of Crime

Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web

Like most criminals, Scully appeared to have a conventional life, and that included a wife and kids. He lived with them in Narre Warren, Melbourne.

The otherwise odd thing about him was that he was sexually abused by a priest while growing up, but that didn't seem to get in his way of having a common life.

However, according to his neighbors, he was "dodgy." The truth was that they were just scratching the surface. Scully was orders of magnitude worse than he seemed.

In the end, he left his family and went into the city where he committed himself to crime. A former associate said that the only thing that made him tick was money, and apparently, indulging his depraved sexual desires.

For instance, he once scammed 20 investors out of $2.68 million. He also got a teenage girlfriend he would pimp out at sex parties.

After the Australian Securities and Investment Commission started investigating him, he left the country in 2009 and ended up in the Philippines.

As soon as he got there, he began the next phase of his messed-up life by establishing a child pornography empire.

When some of his associates learned that he had been caught for child pornography, they did not find it surprising that he could do such things.

His Most Appalling Crimes Ever

Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web
meet Peter Scully, the depraved predator who built a child pornography empire on the dark web

Scully started an international pedophile operation from the Philippines. It featured kids getting tortured and sexually abused. He would stream these events live through his company, No Limits Fun.

His main targets were the helpless and the vulnerable. Typically, he would promise poor parents to help in the form of food and education.

Scully found these victims with the help of two female accomplices, who also showed up in his messed-up videos.

At one point, his accomplice tricked two teenage girls into coming into Scully's house with the promise of getting food. Once there, they were given alcohol and forced to perform sexual acts on each other in front of cameras. These girls were freed after five days.

Scully also sold videos of him raping young girls and making them dig their own graves. However, one of his accomplices apparently let them go free because she felt guilty.

However, when the girls were in his hands, he often used a lighter, barbed wire, sex aids, hot wax, and submersion in water as a way to torture and abused them.

In one of his videos, he hung a 5-year-old girl upside down and then raped and tortured her.

The Infamous The "Daisy's Destruction" Video

Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web

Some of the kids getting abused in Scully's videos were just toddlers. For instance, the girl featured in Daisy's Destruction was just 18 months of age when she was abused by Scully and his accomplices.

This particular video had such unimaginable depravity that investigators who heard about it thought it was nothing more than a myth. They did not think that such a thing could ever happen, even among the most notorious pedophiles in existence.

However, Daisy's Destruction was very real. In the appalling multi-part film, two accomplices appeared beside him wearing masks as the helpless child is tortured and abused.

The video even shocked the authorities, who see plenty of grim stuff on the web. According to child trafficking investigators, it was the "worst" they had ever encountered in their years of investigating child pornography.

In the video, Scully beats, rapes, and tortures the toddler. This became his most popular film, which was released in 2012.

The girl was still reeling from serious physical injuries years after she was abused. Luckily, she made it out of the ordeal alive.

An 11-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death before she was buried under his house. The poor girl had been made to dig her own grave as well.

The authorities could not ignore what was going on, and the Dutch police got involved after it seemed like the person in the video was speaking Dutch. However, what sounded like Dutch was, in fact, a heavy Australian accent.

However, they did not back up, and they kept gathering evidence until Scully was arrested in 2015. Scully had gotten everyone's attention with his demented child pornography videos.

Everyone wanted the man in jail; it did not matter where Scully was held up.

Still, catching Scully was not easy because "digitally he hid himself very well," according to Dutch detective Farid el Hamouti.

Scully's Admirer, Lux, Helped Spread His Depravity Around

Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web

What is even more worrying is that people were willing to pay him lots of money to watch this filth. Some people apparently parted with as much as $100,000 per view.

Scully's activities attracted influential fans such as Matthew David Grahm, also known as "Lux." This Australian pedophile operated a site called Hurt2theCore, where users shared videos of children being abused.

They even have a name for this kind of content. It is called "hurtcore" as it features real pain and torture. For this reason, Lux ended up being considered one of the most notorious pedophiles on the web around the world.

Lux posted Scully's videos on his site. That gave his site quite a boost.

Lux was actually caught before Scully and was given 15 years behind bars.

Scully's Was Charged With 75 Cases Of Child Abuse

Meet Peter Scully, The Depraved Predator Who Built A Child Pornography Empire On The Dark Web

At some point, Scully's case got a bit complicated, especially after a suspicious fire destroyed a room where evidence against him was held. This evidence included a chain he used during his abuses, a camera, and memory cards.

Some people believe that Scully was behind the fire, considering that corruption is quite common in the Philippines.

However, even without evidence, he was not going to walk away from that easily. The videos of him doing the crimes were still accessible and incredibly incriminating.

The films were hard to watch, and one of his prosecutors confessed to having cried while watching them.

Later, Scully said he was remorseful, but he still entered a not guilty plea. Consequently, at least 10 of those he had abused had to testify against him and relieve the nightmare he had put them through.

He was certainly not sorry for what he had done, considering that he was still in touch with one of his accomplices before she was also put under arrest.

In June 2018, Scully was sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately, the Philippines is still a popular destination for child abusers, and the child abuse in the country has been described as massive by experts.

So, Scully is just one of many pedophiles roaming the country doing unspeakable things to innocent children.

In the end, Scully was charged with abusing 75 children, and in an interview with 60 Minutes in 2015, he said that he was writing a journal that would explain why he was so driven to rape young kids.

It seems that Scully will go down in history as the worst pedophile ever. His depravity was on a whole new level.