blonde, curvy and super sexy: meet model emma kotos

Meet Emma Kotos: model and influencer, with a perfectly shaped body and luscious blonde locks.

The American beauty was born on July 4, 1998, in Hartford, Connecticut. She started modeling when she was 18, and now she's famous for her bikini and lingerie shots.

And you don't have to wonder why; you can just take a look at some of her pictures.

Embodying the 90s beauties

Since everything about the 90s is so fascinating, it should be noted that Emma's look reminds us of some of the most wanted faces and bodies from that era.

In fact, we are certain she would make a great villain on Melrose Place or Models INC.

But, in real life, the model, who is also an OnlyFans member, struggled with depression, and like many modern women, she is not afraid to share.

She says:

I feel like it's something that should be talked about more. 1 in every 10 people suffers from it so there shouldn't be this negative stigma around it.

The blonde beauty also explained that her mornings are not as glamorous as you might think:

The worst time of the day for me (when I'm feeling most anxious and depressed) has always been mornings. I used to always wake up in the morning immediately crying and having negative thoughts. I've been dealing with this through exercising in the morning and also medication that I just started a few months ago. Everyone is different and has different ways of coping, I hope you find yours.

meet emma kotos – gorgeous model
meet emma kotos – gorgeous model

And her advice is quite useful:

I've just recently started seeking help for my depression. I'm now starting to feel happy and confident, so my advice would be to not give up and keep an open mind about getting help. You're not alone.

Sadly for most guys, she's dating a fellow model, and she seems to be happy with her status.

The owner of 32D cups is more than willing to share what mother nature gave her with her over 340,000 Instagram fans.

Naughty but nice

Apart from taking sexy photos and spending time with her boyfriend, Miss Kotos likes fishing, figure skating, traveling, skydiving, and road trips.

meet emma kotos – gorgeous model
blonde, curvy and super sexy: meet model emma kotos

She really is an all American gal and every man's fantasy!

The burning question is: does she post nudes on OnlyFans? Well, we can't tell you that, but based on her modeling pictures, she doesn't seem shy.

What's even more interesting about Emma is that she's a huge star outside of the US, namely in Brazil and Mexico. And you know that some of the best looking ladies ever come from these parts of the world.

meet emma kotos – gorgeous model
meet emma kotos – gorgeous model

So, enjoy, follow the young beauty, and if you think you're better looking than model Brandon Gray, her bae, give it a go on OnlyFans or via Instagram direct.