Never mind that he has been dead for over 40 years, Elvis is still king, and his legendary musical skills still charm the hearts of many.

He may be long gone, but his music boldly lives on; and now, so does his physical form through this grandson, who looks a lot like him.

Clearly, the King of Rock is truly immortal, just like his timeless music. Sure, there have been many rumors since his passing in 77 claiming that he is not really gone and that he occasionally makes appearances.

But aside from these suspicious sideshows, the impact his music had on the masses is still very real today. Elvis’ career did not last very long, but his influence changed the world for good.

And now, his appearance is among us once again, thanks to his 26-year old grandson Benjamin, Lisa Marie’s adult son.

The young man’s uncanny resemblance to his grandfather brings back memories of the amazing singer. Benjamin is Elvis’ only grandson, and it is unbelievable to everyone who sees him how similar in appearance he is to his father. If there ever was an Elvis incarnate, this is it.

From some angles, you could easily be deceived that you are looking at a picture of the King himself.

Elvis was born in Mississippi but would move to Tennessee at the age of 13.

But his career did not really take off until much later in life. In the mid-50s, he recorded a melody with Sam Phillips. Soon afterward, he recorded “Heartbreak Hotel.”

The song was an enormous hit, and it experienced a meteoritic rise to the top of the charts. By the 60s, about a decade after he made his first hit, he was already a force to be reckoned with in rock ‘n’ roll.

He never made too many appearances, however. But when he did perform, he left many people awed by his performances. He was a natural, and entertaining people came so easily to him.

That is why his sudden death in 1977 was such a huge hit for the world. Even today the world still mourns this iconic entertainer.

Benjamin may not have decided to follow in his grandfather’s footprints and pursue music, but his likeness to the former legend has a lot of people talking about the legendary musical icon.

Clearly, even the most impressive Elvis impersonators have their work clearly cut out for them, now that Benjamin is in the picture.