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McDonald's Worker Leaves People Fuming After Explaining How The Drive-Thru Works

Mcdonald's Worker Leaves People Fuming After Explaining How The Drive-thru Works

We all love a juicy McDonald's meal on a gloomy day. Whether it's the healthiest choice or not, comfort food has a special place in everybody's heart. And McDonald's definitely would classify as such.

But everyone has their secrets, and even McDonald's is not an exception from this unspoken rule of the Universe.


Recently, a McDonald's worker named secretfitzz on TikTok shared something that surprised most people who visit McDonald's regularly. Some were even upset. And they didn't hesitate to make it clear in the comments.

First, the employee shared that people need to be careful when visiting the drive-thru. Especially to be careful what they talk about while waiting in the car.


Small talks that include rants, juicy gossip, and similar things are a big no.

"When you're sitting at a drive-thru speaker, we can always hear everything – even if you think your interaction is over," explained the employee.

Surprise, surprise! It turns out that walls indeed have ears.

The McDonald's employee added: "Be careful what personal details you reveal to strangers."


Another McDonald's employee shared more inside info:

"Most of them are parents telling kids to shut it before they give them something to cry about, threatening to make kids walk home if they don't hurry up and pick things, or we don't need any f–ing ice cream type conversations."

Mcdonald's Worker Leaves People Fuming After Explaining How The Drive-thru Works

But the most important detail that disturbed many people was something else.

Namely, they will take a quick mugshot of you while you're still sitting in your car before you arrive at the window. The employees added that this is a part of their working policy so they would know whose order is whose.

The employee shared her impressions:

"Seeing the mugshots of random people makes my day."


This fact made many people think about whether they will be going that nonchalantly through the McDonald's drive-thru again.