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McDonald's To Remove "Tasteless" McCrispy Advert From Crematorium Entrance

McDonald's, the fast food chain, has agreed to remove an advertisement for their McCrispy burger following public outrage over its tasteless placement next to a sign for a crematorium.

The massive billboard was located at a bus stop right across from Penmount Crematorium in Cornwall, immediately adjacent to the sign for the crematorium.

McDonald's consented to remove the advertisement after it was brought to their attention by CornwallLive, who highlighted the irony of its placement.

The billboard caused differing opinions among local residents, with some finding the coincidental placement "hilarious," while others were offended by it.

A woman, whose mother-in-law was cremated at the crematorium last year, stated: "I think how funny it is will probably depend on how long ago you followed the crematorium sign wearing a black tie".

Penmount Crematorium, located 2 miles from the heart of Truro in Cornwall, is situated on a sprawling 28-acre countryside property.

CornwallLive reported rumors that the advertisement would be replaced with one promoting Burger King's "Flame-grilled Whoppers", but noted that these claims could not be verified before the publication deadline.

Cornwall Council, which oversees both the crematorium and the bus stop where the billboard was located, informed CornwallLive that they were unable to provide any comment on the matter.

A spokesperson for McDonald's said: "We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop. However, in light of the concerns raised by CornwallLive, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed".