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McDonald's Offers Free Fries To Celebrate National French Fry Day

Get ready to mark your calendars and set reminders because McDonald's is bringing some cheer to your day by giving away free fries in celebration of National French Fry Day.

Among the many national celebratory days, this is one you should definitely take notice of. So, when should you set your alarm and get ready to head to your nearest McDonald's?

Well, you won't have to wait for too long as National French Fry Day is just around the corner, on Thursday, July 13th.

While McDonald's already has the 'Free Fries Friday' deal, where you need to make a minimum $1 purchase and be part of the Rewards program through the app, on National French Fry Day, you don't have to buy anything else. You can simply enjoy those delicious fries, and we all know that food tastes better when it's free.

McDonald's is giving away free fries without any additional purchase required, and you can choose any size you prefer—go big or go home, right?

However, similar to the 'Free Fries Friday' deal, you will need to be registered on the McDonald's app to enjoy this offer.

Unfortunately, as reported by TODAY, this deal is exclusively available in the US and only at participating locations. So be sure to check if your local McDonald's is participating.

Remember, there's a limit of one free fries per customer. But don't worry, you can still treat yourself to your other favorite McDonald's items while you're there.

Speaking of favorite orders, mine typically includes a Saver Menu chicken burger, 20 nuggets, a McFlurry, mozzarella dippers, and sometimes a cheeky Saver Menu cheeseburger if I'm feeling a bit more hungry.

And if you're looking for more McDonald's tips, there's an employee on TikTok who has you covered. They recently shared a money-saving hack for chicken nuggets, and don't forget that you can now try out four new sauces with your nuggets too.

They also revealed a trick to ensure your fries are always fresh and not sitting in the fryer for too long. So why wait any longer?

Get ready to enjoy some free fries and make the most of your McDonald's experience on National French Fry Day!