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McDonald's Lovers Shocked After Learning About The Ingredients In Sweet 'N' Sour Sauce


McDonald's enthusiasts got a surprise when they found out that the Sweet 'n' Sour sauce includes apricot flavor in a TikTok video. Some were taken aback, but McDonald's Australia recommended giving Soft Serve a shot with the sauce for a fun twist.

If you're a regular at McDonald's, chances are you have a favorite dish. However, finding out the ingredients in the Sweet 'n' Sour sauce shattered the illusions of some devoted fans of the fast-food giant, leaving their favorite order in ruins.

These days, you likely don't even know what goes into the meals you eat regularly. We're not in a world of lone hunters and gatherers anymore.

McDonald's fans were particularly surprised to find out that a certain fruit is used in their Sweet 'n' Sour sauce.

A TikTok video resurfaced, featuring radio DJs in Melbourne, Australia, sharing surprising information with their listeners.

While her co-host was savoring the perfect combo of McNuggets and Sweet 'n' Sour sauce, Lauren Phillips gleefully spilled the contents, putting a damper on her co-host's day.

When Lauren arrived with the McDonald's order, it led her co-host, Jason Hawkins, to announce, "Today was a good day."

"Jason, you need to get into those nuggets and get into in particular your favorite sauce," she said.

Jason swiftly polished off his order, generously coating his nuggets in the sauce. He was more than ready to dig in.

"Would you believe, it is actually apricot flavor?" Lauren added.

Jason seemed genuinely disheartened, pausing mid-step to toss out his nearly finished nugget, declaring he 'hates apricots.' Now that he's aware of the fruit in the sauce, he went on to say he can even taste the apricot.

After that, Lauren continued to crack jokes about how she had spoiled his favorite order, and many TikTok fans echoed her sentiments.

"You have ruined my favorite sauce," one user commented.

"I can now never have sweet and sour sauce again," another shared.

"Now that I've heard that it actually does taste like apricot. Big Mac sauce and nuggets is where it is at though," a third wrote.

"My husband is the same, hates Apricot. Despises apricot chicken the most too. Haha, I can't wait to tell him."

Some folks pointed out that not all sweet and sour sauces necessarily include this apricot element.

Surprised fans received a response from the official McDonald's Australia TikTok account.

"Hear me out, try dipping your Soft Serve in Sweet and Sour Sauce," the account shared.

A few folks smugly wondered how other dedicated McDonald's fans could have been unaware of the ingredient.

'How do people not know this?' someone wondered.

'Sweet n Sour is essentially Apricot jam and white vinegar,' anoter stated.

Sweet 'n Sour sauce also contains additional ingredients like caramel color, cellulose gum, salt, xanthan gum, peach puree, dried chili powder, paprika extractives, and onion powder, among others.