Maybe God Is Teaching You Patience By Forcing You To Wait

Maybe God Is Teaching You Patience By Forcing You To Wait

When you have to wait for something to happen, that is maybe the time when God is teaching you patience, by forcing you to let things happen in their own time.

When we are teenagers, we set our life goals so high, and nothing seems impossible. As we become adults, we realize that there are many obstacles in the way of our desires.

But, the dreams seem not to fade from our life visions. We keep waiting for things to happen, sometimes working real hard to experience that moment.

Don't I Deserve To Be Happy?

Sometimes, we see people around us living our dreams without any troubles. At that moment, we ask ourselves: "Don't I deserve to be happy like they are?

But, God is merely sending us a message to stop comparing our lives to those of other people. And, even to realize that someone's life expectations do not have to be ours, too.

Everyone deserves to be happy, but happiness lives within us, we only need to set it free.

Things Are Never Going To Happen!

At some point in your life, you may understand that some things are just not meant to happen to you. Only then, you may see that God is sending you a message to look more closely at your life expectations.

Some things are just not meant for you. Maybe you live up to someone else's expectations, and it is the time to distance yourself from the old patterns and start finding your actual life goals.

Turn to other things in life that make you happy, and soon you may realize that sense of success and accomplishments could be found in other aspects of your life.

Is Love Ever Coming My Way?

Years are passing by, and your friends and family have already found their soul mates. Everyone, but you have experienced the meaning of true love and passion.

Or is it like that? Maybe God is trying to tell you that your true love still hasn't found his or her way to you. Or, you are unprepared to experience pure love and how to appreciate the meaning of true love.

Maybe, you need to learn how to give love to your family and friends to understand the value of love given to different people. We all need to give love to others and to sense it when it comes to us.

Everybody Knows That I Am Not Happy

Sometimes in your life, you may think that everyone around you is happy except you. And somehow, you feel that they feel sorry for you.

Maybe God wants you to know that other people's happiness is not yours and that you do not need to feel pleasure in the same way.

Maybe you should stop seeking approval from other people, telling you ways to be happy with your life. You should feel it independently, to live the happiness on your own before sharing it with others.

This Life Is Treating Me Bad

Your life may seem fulfilled with unlucky circumstances, and you may think that life opportunities are not coming your way.

Maybe God is trying to teach you a lesson not to be discouraged easily. And to start looking at the other sides of things.

You might even learn to become more flexible and not to expect perfection in all things. You and your life must learn to adjust to circumstances and to take the best of them to look for new opportunities.

The Life Is Not About Perfection

As much as we may think that we keep all the strings in our hands, life will always find a way to surprise us.

Because God knows that beauty of living is in experiencing things in life, not just living up to our or others' expectations.

Life should not be planned and organized in detail. Life must happen every day, and God wants us to know how to break free from chains of detailed life plans and enjoy life happening now.