Matthew McConaughey May Be Cast As Two-Face In The Batman

Matthew Mcconaughey May Be Cast As Two-face In The Batman

The Batman is more than a year away from being released, but fans are getting excited as more blockbuster casting decisions are being made.

Many great actors have taken up the Batman role over the years, bringing a different touch to the Caped Crusader's character.

From Christian Bale to George Clooney, Hollywood has brought us varying memorable portraits of the vigilante superhero. But it's the villains who truly capture the most of our imaginations when it comes to the gritty, bat-wing-dark Gotham world.


Of course, we've seen arguably the most infamous Batman buddle, Joker, proving it has been one of the stand-out films of 2019. And now, talks are turning towards which nasties will be lurking in the upcoming Batman movie.

We Know Robert Pattinson Will Be The Next Batman

And considering his sultry stare and haunted eyes, he's visually, at least, a great choice. He'll be taking over the role from Ben Affleck, starring as Bruce Wayne.


Zoë Kravitz Will Be Stepping Into Catwoman's Catsuit

One question everyone was asking is who's going to be playing Batman's on-and-off almost girlfriend slash wife, Catwoman?

Yeah, from the comic book, we all know the two have a really pretty turbulent relationship. So, it must be captured well on the screen. And Zoë Kravitz will take up this role.

Academy Award-winning Actor Matthew McConaughey To Play Harvey Dent, The "Two-Face"

Fans of The Dark Knight trilogy recall Dent's fall from respectable and well-liked District Attorney of Gotham City to an unhinged supervillain.


His chilling habit of flipping a coin to determine his victim's fate and the scarring splitting his face right down the middle earned him the name 'Two-Face,' a duplicitous, twisted version of his former self.

According to WeGoThisCovered, the plan is for McConaughey to portray Harvey Dent in The Batman. Then he would "transform into the villainous Two-Face" during the sequel. Many fans are predicting the sequel will come to the cinemas in 2023 or 2024.


McConaughey, With His Cheerful And Easy Grin, Would Make For A Convincingly Likable Public Figure

His role in True Detective proves he has a flair for portraying troubled characters.

Should there be a sequel, this would be an excellent opportunity to introduce a scrapped plotline in The Dark Knight. Dent would only transform into Two-Face in the third installment, leaving more room for character development.

The eagerly awaited movie is set to hit screens from June 25, 2021.