Matador Suffers Ten-Inch Wound After Being Gored Up The Bum By Raging Bull

A French matador was gored on his bottom by a raging bull in Madrid. The bullfighter was left with a 10-inch wound.

We must admit bullfighting is a dangerous game. I don't understand the motive to hurt an innocent animal for the sake of entertaining others.

Getting close to these ranging animals is just taunting an accident to happen.

Juan Leal, 26-year-old, was seriously injured during a show at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on May 26.


The horrifying incident happened on the 12th day of the San Isidro bullfighting festival.

Surprisingly, after the bull gored the matador, he got up and continued with his duel, and walked himself to the infirmary after the fight.

Without warning, the bull charged the matador.

On the footage, Leal was taunting the animal with his red cape.


Then, without warning, the bull plows its horns into him, throwing him into the air—the crowd gasps and creams with horror.

The matador managed to walk away after two men rushed to his rescue and distracted the animal.

Leal worked as a pizza delivery man while he was training to be a bullfighter.

He will have to take time to avoid infection.

According to the doctor, Leal suffered a 25 cm wound in his rectum, a possible fracture of his sacrum coccyx, and an exit hole in the gluteal area.


His surgeon, Máximo García Leirado, commented on the incident and expressed his amazement that the bullfighter managed to continue fighting even after being gored by the bull.

He said:

"I can't understand how managed to continue the fight and kill the bull afterward because a normal person wouldn't have been able to even stand up or walk."

"It was fortunate that the horn hit the sacrum and then slid upwards, rather than penetrating his stomach."


The doctor said that Juan Leal is suffering, The matador will recover, but he'll need to rest from bullfighting to avoid any infection.

Bullfighting is entertainment in many countries.

Strangely, bullfighting is still considered entertainment in many countries and cultures, despite the danger bullfighters are exposed to.


Many bullfighters have suffered brutal injuries in bullfighting festivals. Last year, another bullfighter, Jimenez Fortes, was sent flying by a raging bull in Bilbao, Spain.

In early May 2019, a female bullfighter, Hilda Tenorio, was also gored on her face by a bull in Puebla, Mexico.

Juan Leal must have known the risks involved in bullfighting before deciding to pursue the course. And considering he was taunting the animal, we could say he had the confrontation happening.