Massive Study Reveals That Eating Cheese Might Be The Key To Helping You Live Longer

Massive Study Reveals That Eating Cheese Might Be The Key To Helping You Live Longer

You want to live longer, don't you? Then get this, you should consider having your pizza topped with five kinds of toppings – Parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar, and gorgonzola; and then have a brie base instead of tomato sauce. I know four-cheese toppings are pretty great, but five takes the experience to a whole new level. Yes, every bite is to die for.

But why does this have anything to do with longevity? In a word, because science says it does. Apparently, every cheese-filled bite you make might be unlocking the key to the healthier and longer life we all fantasize about. This incredible finding says that enjoying cheese is good for you; and who am I to think otherwise?

It was not a minor study either. A total of 130,000 people from 21 countries, with ages between 35 and 70 took part in the study. The researchers were from McMaster University in Canada, and the study was published in The Lancet.

Here's what they discovered – a serving or two of cheese had some significant health benefits. For instance, it reduced the risk of suffering from a stroke and lowered the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. In fact, even yogurt and milk had benefits to offer the test subjects.

As it turns out, the subjects who had under half a serving of dairy every day had a mortality rate of 44.4 percent. Five percent of this was as a result of cardiovascular disease.

But this does not mean you should pull all the stops and eat as much cheese as you can? Not exactly. At best, it should help us see dairy as a good thing in some ways. Current perceptions on the health benefits of dairy cast it in a very negative light.

And those who think that the saturated fats from dairy products lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease should at least rethink their stands.

In general, dairy products have been having a bad name due to their fatty acid content. But as the lead author in the study says, we need to stop seeing these food products as bad for health.

At the end of the day, dairy products contain several beneficial compounds, and many of them promote better health. Some of these compounds include saturated fats, natural trans fats, vitamin K1 and K2, calcium, and even amino acids. Dairy products can also be fermented in order to have antibiotics, and these have numerous health benefits as well.

We are obviously interested in any additional information researchers can dig up as far as dairy products go. But at the moment, I think you should breathe easy knowing that the pizza you ordered with extra cheese actually does your health more good than bad. In particular, it would be interesting to know why dairy has so many health benefits to offer, despite many claims to the contrary.

If the findings of this study are anything to go by, cheese, and I suppose dairy products as well, are not just food. Dairy products are also medicine that can save us from early death and help us lead healthier lives.