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Married 911 Dispatcher Caught Sexting Lovers

She has been accused of engaging in sexting with seven police officers, having several extramarital affairs, and causing the breakdown of several marriages, including her own. can exclusively reveal that the suspended Texas 911 dispatcher Krystle Perez's record of explicit behavior could extend even further back.

Earlier this month, Krystle Perez was placed on unpaid leave after her estranged husband Giancarlo Perez found salacious messages on her phone and informed the Bexar County Sheriff's Office in San Antonio, leading to her suspension.

Krystle Perez, a 38-year-old woman, has been accused of engaging in extramarital affairs with several colleagues, including married Sgt. Reynaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal. She allegedly sent text messages to Leal: "I can lay on you and kiss you all over … thinking of my daddy."

Pending an appeal, all three individuals are facing termination while an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation is determining whether any of the affairs occurred while on duty. Additionally, three other officers are facing potential disciplinary action in connection with the investigation. can reveal that Krystle Perez, a mother of three, has faced accusations of infidelity since the dissolution of her previous marriage to San Antonio police officer Todd Tackitt in 2012.

In divorce documents, Tackitt stated that their four-year marriage had turned into "unsupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities' – adding: 'Petitioner [Perez] has committed adultery."

Sources indicate that he discovered his ex-wife's affair in a manner similar to Giancarlo Perez, by uncovering text messages that Krystle Perez had sent to her lover.

Todd Tackitt, who is currently dealing with custody disputes with Perez concerning their two teenage children, has refused to comment on their separation.

Less than a year after her divorce from Tackitt, Perez married Giancarlo and had a child with him. She later accepted a job as an overnight dispatcher at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, which has 1,900 employees and an annual budget of $135 million.

Their relationship ended in late 2022 when business consultant Giancarlo examined his wife's phone and reportedly found explicit messages to six sheriff's deputies and a police officer from the City of Converse.

"They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out and these sexual connections," sickened Giancarlo, 41, said.

"She was the love of my life and it was very distraught, heartbreaking, I was in disbelief."

According to investigators, the messages that were shared included a graphic conversation between Perez and 52-year-old Salinas, who purportedly wrote to her: "I feel so hott and Sexy when Im in you (sic)."

As per a screenshot taken by Giancarlo, the dispatcher responded: "F**k yea you do. I can feel it - all of it - and I love it."

Upon the patrol sergeant's suggestion that the two of them "need another hotel day," Perez responded enthusiastically with "Yes!!!!!!!"

Following that, Salinas, who has 18 years of experience in law enforcement, included: "None stop for as long as possible (sic)."

At least one message from Salinas seemed to have been transmitted while he was on duty.

The message, recorded at 10:20 pm on a Friday evening, stated: "I get off at midnight, came in early."

The purported conversation between Perez and Leal is also quite damning, with the suggestive mother messaging her colleague to say: "I can't wait for more time to open up so I can fill us in it."

Leal, who had been given a one-day suspension in 2017 for acting unprofessionally, responded with: "Yes baby, I can't wait."

Leal also wrote to Perez: "I can't wait for us to be naked and us caressing each other and then kissing each other ALL OVER!!!!" according to the screen grabs.

"F**k yes!' replied Perez. 'Thinking of my daddy and his kisses."

When a reporter visited her five-bedroom suburban home in San Antonio this week to discuss the investigation, Perez, who has tattoos, glared at the reporter and left without a word.

According to sources close to the former couple, Giancarlo was aware of his wife's purported infidelity for a while but had attempted to mend the marriage without success.

Following his report to Internal Affairs about her alleged infidelity on December 6 of last year, Perez initiated the divorce process, submitting an affidavit on December 14 in which she expressed concerns for her safety.

"In the preceding months leading up to this filing my husband's behavior has changed to the point that I am concerned about his mental stability and for the safety of myself and our son," Perez wrote.

In November of last year, Giancarlo abruptly insisted that she resign from her job as a dispatcher and began scrutinizing her cell phone, causing her to purchase a new one, according to her statement.

"This action enraged him," she added.

According to Perez's claims, on December 1, her husband sent her a series of messages suggesting that he was monitoring her while she was on the job.

Perez wrote, without specifying the nature of the alleged false accusations: "He again told me I needed to quit my job or he would make false reports to get me fired."

"I knew this was the next level and I needed to share with a supervisor and update my friends that if they did not hear from me unexpectedly to please have a welfare check on me," she went on.

"I am aware that he has the ability to become violent and that coupled with his current erratic behavior scares me."

Perez claimed that this incident resulted in a significant argument on December 5, during which Giancarlo purportedly informed their crying eight-year-old son that "mom wants me gone because she is unfaithful."

Following Giancarlo's departure from their marital home, which is worth $400,000, Perez asserts that he attempted to interfere with the security cameras.

On December 19, a Bexar County judge issued a temporary restraining order forbidding Giancarlo from returning to the residence.

Jennifer Espronceda, Giancarlo's lawyer, rejected Perez's accusations as totally untrue.

"There's no need to make inflammatory statements when you have the facts on your side. Absolutely everything Giancarlo states can and will be proven through objective evidence in court."

The attorney added: "My client is devastated and deeply affected by his wife's actions but it's not just about them."

"It's impacting the lives of their children, her children by her previous marriage, her ex-husband who dealt with this before."

"It's the brothers, the fathers, the families, the wives of the men she's slept with. There's a whole web of pain and hurt."

Deputy Jason Jarvis, whose wife Jessica exposed him to a local news station and filed for divorce alleging that he confessed to having an affair with Perez, is also reportedly one of the officers under investigation.

News 4 San Antonio has reported that Jarvis, who is 44 years old, has received a 30-day suspension.

Fighting back tears, Jessica, who is 45 years old, informed the station: "These are people that are supposed to be protecting us, serving and making sure the community is safe."

Attorneys for Tackitt and Perez, who continues to fly a large "thin gold line" flag honoring emergency dispatchers from a flagpole at her home, did not provide any comment in response to requests.

Although it does not seem that Perez or the implicated officers violated any laws, they are facing disciplinary action for breaching the code of conduct of the sheriff's office.

A spokesman said: "On December 6, 2022, a complaint was filed with BCSO Internal Affairs regarding a dispatcher, Krystle Perez, regarding having extramarital relations with several Bexar County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Deputies."

"The Deputies involved in this case included Deputy Juan Leal, Sgt. Reynaldo Salinas, and three other BCSO law enforcement officers who are currently going through the disciplinary process."

"At the onset of the investigation, the complainant provided Internal Affairs investigators with explicit text messages exchanged between Krystle Perez and five BCSO law enforcement officers."

"As a result of the investigation, Krystle Perez, Deputy Juan Leal, and Sergeant Reynaldo Salinas were issued proposed terminations, however, they are still undergoing the appeal process and the outcome of this proposed dismissal is still pending."

"Additionally, the investigation into this incident remains ongoing."

The scandal involving Krystle Perez and the officers in the Bexar County Sheriff's Office follows the Maegan Hall sex scandal that rocked the La Vergne Police Department in rural Tennessee earlier this year.

After an internal investigation revealed that she had engaged in sexual activities with colleagues while on duty, exposed her breasts at a "Girls Gone Wild" hot tub party, and participated in games of Strip Uno, Maegan Hall and four other police officers were fired.

Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit against the department, asserting that she was groomed for sexual exploitation by predatory male officers.