Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

Marilyn Monroe's house was just another accomplishment for the carefully crafted celebrity creation that once had the name, Norma Jeane.

Norma's dream was to reach Hollywood. But first of all, she needed a catchy name. Marilyn Monroe sounded perfect - a compilation from her mother's maiden name and her grandmother's name.

All the guys had an eye for her, and all the girls wanted to look like her. Attention suited her, and Marilyn enjoyed being noticed. She loved her time under the spotlight and savored all compliments that boosted her confidence.

But all she wanted in her life was to be loved. And that affected not only her career, but her whole being too.

Marilyn Monroe's house has it all: the style, elegance, glam, but one of the deepest secrets too - the suspicious ending of the one and only diva, Marilyn Monroe.

Some Might Wonder Where Did Marilyn Monroe Live

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

The inevitable thing is to be curious about the past of celebrities. Maybe there is something comforting in the fact that they were and they still are ordinary people.

The Mortal Goddess, as the media once called her, was one of them.

Marilyn Monroe's house was a project she accomplished in the last year of her life. Just for the record - Marilyn Monroe's house on Helena Drive was the first and last house she bought herself.

It is an interesting fact that she lived in more than 40 different houses during her life. And everything started when she was still a little girl.

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

Born as Norma Jeane on June 1 in 1926, and being raised by a single working mom was not easy at all. Society was harsh to single parents, especially to women.

Marilyn Monroe's mom Gladys was all of that - a woman of the working class and a single mom that struggled to meet ends each month.

Her emotional weakness put a heavy burden on her, and she suffered a nervous breakdown.

But Marilyn was too young, and someone had to take care of her. So, the painful journey of switching from one foster home to another had begun.

Then And Now: What Happened To Marilyn Monroe's House?

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

Marilyn Monroe's house still exists. However, it was something that needed to occur in an earlier stage of her life.

But, life happened in the meantime. A glamorous life, one would say, but the reality was something different. Lost in the whirlwind of love and tired of trying to find someone who could love her for who she really was, Marilyn was ready to turn the page.

Then, finally, in 1962, she decided to start the year fresh. She followed the advice of her therapist and bought her own house in January of that same year.

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

The property was a total contrast to people's expectations - one would expect that Marilyn Monroe's house would be huge. A colossal mansion where the actress would lie down on her expensive Chesterfield sofa bed and sip fancy cocktails all day.

It was quite the opposite - Marilyn Monroe's house had eight rooms, but it was a one-level house designed in cozy Spanish style, touched up with Mediterranean notes.

Even Pictures Reveal How Big Was Marilyn Monroe's House

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

All pictures from Marilyn Monroe's house give that familiar retro vibe from the '60s.

And just one look at the carefully picked interior and exterior answers all additional questions.

Pool, greenery, flowers, you name it - she invested herself in the tiniest details. Everything looked fresh, breezy, and clean. It was like bringing the Mediterannean spirit into the back of her garden in California, LA.

Many people had a different image of Marilyn Monroe, and it's not a secret that she often felt like a misfit in society. She wasn't half of the things people thought she was. And that affected not only her reputation but her whole life in general.

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

Marilyn wasn't afraid of commitment. Why would she be? She had everything, and she didn't need a man for the money or the luxurious life because she could afford all of it. And she did.

However, growing up without a father figure in her life had an impact on her personality. Some would say that she had severe daddy issues and lived for the attention of men, and she never negated these things.

But to live her life just for the sake of being with men who splurge their money on her? That was never Marilyn. Not the real Marilyn Monroe that the media didn't want to see.

She just wanted to be loved. Love in every shape meant the world for her.

This is why Marilyn Monroe's house was such a good thing. She could finally be able to grow some roots. She could own something, a place that she would call home.

Marilyn Monroe's Children: The Most Popular Rumor Around The Diva

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

If there is one thing Marilyn wanted in life, it was to become a mother.

She loved the idea of having and raising children. Marilyn knew her way to win their trust, and she would be a fantastic mother. Unfortunately, faith had different intentions for her regarding motherhood.

The marriage with her third husband, the famous playwright and novelist Arthur Miller brought her many headaches. He got accused of being a traitor to the country, and they struggled a lot to prove the opposite.

However, she stood beside him and offered her support. She even agreed to do Some Like It Hot because they needed money.

While critics talked about her looks and kept putting her weight fluctuation in focus, Marilyn went through hell. But the lousy weight rumors weren't her concern at all.

Marilyn suffered two miscarriages. The wish of becoming a mother never abandoned her. Moreover, she was afraid that her mother's destiny would be the curse that would slowly eat her alive.

In the end, she wasn't that far from the truth. Marilyn Monroe's house never got filled with children like she imagined, and her depression took its toll.

House Tour Through The Secrets Inside Marilyn Monroe's House

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

If the walls of our houses could talk, they indeed would have quite some stories to tell.

Marilyn Monroe's house had them plenty.

And some of them were even known to a large number of people.

For example, she never was silent about her mental state. The issues she faced and the demons she fought each and every day of her life.

Depression and anxiety followed her everywhere. And thanks to the pills she took to calm herself, her focus had seen some better days too.

Many of her actor colleagues had shared that Marilyn was hard to work with. Or that she was one of those special snowflakes, and people can't get along with her.

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

But little did they know about the inner battles Marilyn had.

It was not only the anxiety and depression problems. She was a hardworking woman, devoted to her job as an actress, always surrounded by a whole constellation of acting coaches and dance teachers.

She was ready to prove that Marilyn Monroe is much more than a blonde bimbo who appears in movies to spice them up and make them a pleasant eye candy for the hungry men.

But who even bothered to pay attention to talent when a woman looked like Marilyn did?

The sad truth is - producers and directors were acting deaf and blind to her ambition. And that hurt her too much.

More Images Of The Horrors That Marilyn Monroe's House Had To Face

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

When she moved to her cute Mexican house, Marilyn was primarily single.

Trying to collect the pieces from her past marriages, it seemed like things had finally fallen to their place.

But the rumors about Marilyn's adventurous life as someone's mistress were hitting the roof. People talked that she had a scandalous affair with John F. Kennedy, Eve Montan, and many more.

It's not a lie that Marilyn Monroe was a magnet for men. But who could resist such beauty, especially when it came with brains?

Marilyn was a bright girl, and she never wanted to be seen as the other woman. An interesting moment about how she tried to avoid attention to her sex appeal was when they filmed "the dress scene" from her hit movie The Seven Year Itch.

When she noticed that one pair of underwear wasn't enough to cover her lady parts, she asked for another pair of panties. But, the fine line between her authentic self and her on-screen character was perfectly blurred by presenting her as America's leading sex symbol.

Each story has two sides, and living in a different time had its downsides for sure. Marilyn didn't have enough support to show her true colors, and that's just sad.

It was devastating that Marilyn Monroe's house, instead of her happy and peaceful sanctuary, turned out to be her tragic ending.

Marilyn Monroe's House Today: See Who Lives In Marilyn Monroe's Hose Now And Who Bought It

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

After the horrifying death of the 36-year old star in 1962, Marilyn Monroe's house had seen many crowds of people, curious journalists, and a number of investigations.

It's still not clear whether this was her suicide or a murder. The only thing we know is that her housekeeper was the first person who found her lying in her bed, facedown on her pillow, with a dozen of pills around her.

Marilyn Monroe's house was finally listed for sale in 2017. The worth was estimated at around $6.9 million.

And it didn't take too long for someone to buy the house.

From 2019 on, Jasmine Chiswell (below) is the new owner of Marilyn Monroe's House. She is enjoying her time as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and the decision to move here was an intriguing turn of events.

Marilyn Monroe's House: The Sadness At 12305 5th Helena Drive

She and her loving husband bought Marilyn Monroe's house and moved from Scotland to experience a tiny bit of Hollywood glamour.

No matter how many similarities there are between these two women, one thing is for sure - we lost Marilyn Monroe forever.

And in the end, maybe life was indeed a path paved with thorns for young Norma Jeane. But it was a lot different for Marilyn Monroe because she had a heavy burden that became too overwhelming, and there was no way to escape from that world.

At least, she left us her movies, so we can see for ourselves that Marilyn Monroe indeed had to offer a lot more than producers allowed on screen.

Her marks were injected too deep, not only in Marilyn Monroe's house but everywhere she went. And the world's fascination with the one and only Marilyn Monroe will probably never end.