Maria Sivakova Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Maria Sivakova Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Maria Sivakova is an entrepreneur, influencer, and petite model originally from Russia. Her Instagram is thelittlemodel.

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Maria is known as The little model due to her petite length. Her story of how she managed to become successful in a world full of no's through hard work and a mentality to never give up has inspired many.

She is a self-made model, and she currently works together with Adore Me and Petite Studie NYC. She often endorses various brands and locations on her social media.

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Who Is Maria Sivakova Dating?

She has a husband.

Maria Sivakova Boyfriends/Girlfriends

The name of her husband is unknown. She has mentioned him in her blog on her website.

Maria Sivakova Instagram

Her first post dates back to 2013, and her Instagram photos get up to 5k likes, around 1k on average.

Maria shares stunning modeling photos and content related to her lifestyle. Her Instagram is a creative mix of fashion details, art, beautiful nature scenes, and gorgeous modeling pictures.

About Maria Sivakova

Before she started modeling, she got a degree in public relations. She gained a lot of experience working as a PR manager for Chanel in Moscow and as assisting producer during Fashion Week.

However, working behind the scene was not for her since she longed to be in front of the cameras. She moved from Russia to New York to pursue her fashion and modeling career even if her petite length stood against her ods.

She wanted to give her dream an honest chance, and even if she was struggling initially, she managed to make a name for herself by building her image on social media.

Brands started reaching out to her on Instagram, and it turned out she did not need an agency to become successful.


She was born and raised in Russia but always felt a bit different and that she did not fully belong. Her mother is half Chinese, and her father is Finnish, making her heritage mixed.

She is very close to her younger sister Yana, and in 2018 the sisters went on a trip to Paris together.

Interesting Facts

She wishes to inspire people to follow their dreams even if the road is difficult.

She is a globetrotter that loves to travel. She has been in 16 countries and lived in Paris and Italy for a while.

One of her favorite destinations is Hawaii.

She loves to wear denim clothes.