Marching Bands Are As Important As Footballers During College Games

Marching Bands Are As Important As Footballers During College Games

Football is one of the oldest and still the best friendly games with over 200 clubs and teams. Each club is uniquely identified by each logo and jersey colors, which its fans use to differentiate themselves from each other. Football uniquely brings together different countries, races, beliefs, and even genders. Football is all about strategy and teamwork. It is played by different age range and genders.

I once tried imagining college football without marching bands and I hated the idea because it was boring and all I saw was a game with no spirit. Nothing beats starting a game with shows where cheerleaders and golden girls are dressed up prettily dancing, performing aerobics and making cool formations.

The marching band is as old as the game football and they both depend on each other for the success of a game. Marching bands are more than just a group of people wearing matching outfits, playing different instruments, and enjoying performing, they are the game energy maintainers. They are the ones who control the atmosphere through their activities which can either make or break the game.

Marching bands create that exciting field entrance that puts an adrenaline rush into footballers and fan's systems which ignites their enthusiasm for the game.

Socially, the marching band is like a community of different class- freshman and senior year who are united by the love for music- or better put, fighting music. They support bonding within and outside the college environment. This bonding forms during hours of field practice perfection, hours of tough training, and long nights before games. Band members always bond with other band members in different schools, not placing the outcome of games as a barrier factor.

To spectators, marching bands are part of the package, they showcase the college teams spirit, organization and teamwork.

Marching bands are responsible for creating an exciting and enjoyable spirit throughout the game. They are keepers of the fight and traditional songs. The traditional songs are sang to remind alumni of their "glory days". They are responsible for turning students into active alumni and community members into supporters and fans.

As a student, marching bands allows interaction and teamwork with others from various academic pursuits or discipline, races, cultures, and backgrounds. But most importantly, they build good leaders. Through tasks assigned, some level of leadership is established, and it also increases confidence, organizational skills, and classroom management. Marching bands encourage students and teach them to be good creators.