Man's Bright Pink Dream House Is Seriously Upsetting His Neighbors

Upon purchasing his house in the Mountain View neighborhood of Pflugerville, Texas in November 2018, Emilio Rodriguez made the swift decision to paint the entire house pink. While he adores the new look of his home, his neighbors, on the other hand, hold a very different opinion. In fact, they dislike it so intensely that they have filed a lawsuit against him in an attempt to tone down the bright and lively color. It's unfortunate that there are individuals who exhibit such negative attitudes.

1. Emilio Rodriguez Has Always Loved Pink

At the age of 4, he was left paralyzed after a car accident. Since then, he has found solace in the color pink and has regarded it as his favorite. Therefore, when he purchased his own house, he opted to have everything painted in the same hue. He enthusiastically shared his plans with Fox 7 Austin, including a pink driveway, pink tile blocks replacing the grass, pink spotlights on trees, a pink car, and even a pink wheelchair. There is nothing inappropriate about this decision!

2. The Unconventional House Isn't Going Down Well With Neighbors

According to Rodriguez, the pink house is often described as resembling Pepto-Bismol, but he personally thinks of it more as pink slime. The general consensus among many individuals is that the house is unattractive and out of place in the neighborhood.

3. They May Have Brought A Lawsuit Against Him, But Emilio Rodriguez's House Will Stay Pink

Prior to changing the color of his house, he conducted research by examining the local laws. One of the factors he considered was the presence of a Homeowner's Association in the area that oversees and enforces regulations on paintwork. "Even if they made an HOA right here I'm already grandfathered in so we're set. I did my homework beforehand," he said.

4. What's The Harm?

Ultimately, despite the opinions of others in the area, Rodriguez has a deep affection for his house and its pink color, which he finds comforting and beneficial for his mental well-being. He shared that when undergoing medical procedures, simply looking at the pink house helps to ease his nerves. While it may not conform to the typical aesthetics of the neighborhood, it doesn't cause any harm.

5. Some People Are Big Fans

An advantage of the pink house is that it attracts visitors from several blocks and even neighboring towns who come to see it in person. Among those who have made the trip is Emanual Alvarado, who believes that people in the area should embrace it. "I would suggest to neighbors to be open-minded because you know I think should invest energy into being different and being yourself and not let being yourself be suppressed about what society thinks is normal," he said. We couldn't agree more!