Manhunt On As Woman Tries To Abduct Four-Year-Old Child From McDonald's

Manhunt On As Woman Tries To Abduct Four-year-old Child From Mcdonald’s

A manhunt is on after a mystery woman tried snatching a 4-year-old boy from McDonald's restaurant in Los Angeles.

The police said that the woman went into the restaurant, picked up the boy, and carried him outside before witnesses managed to stop her.

The woman is also a suspect of trying to abduct another 4-year-old boy, less than three miles away from McDonald's, near Martin Luther King Blvd and San Pedro St.

The woman is between 25 to 35 years of age, black and with black hair.

According to the police, the boy was walking next to his family member inside the restaurant when the woman came, pulled his hand, and tried to take him outside.

Mike Lopez, LAPD officer, said:

"The suspect went ahead and grabbed the little child's hand and tried to take him with her. She even said in Spanish "come with me." Obviously, the child or relative that was with him stopped him."

KABC-TV also reported that when the woman tried getting into a car in the parking lot, a witness stopped her. The woman managed to escape.

According to witnesses, the woman took the boy outside, but a little girl sitting in the restaurant noticed something unusual and alerted the adults.

Los Angeles Police Department wrote in an emailed statement:

"The suspect attempted to enter a parked vehicle with the victim but was stopped by a witness. The suspect fled on foot from the area."

LAPD also tweeted on their Twitter page:

"We need your help to identify and arrest this kidnap suspect."

"On May 14 she kidnapped a four-year-old from inside a McDonald's restaurant on Olympic Blvd & Central Ave, but fortunately, witnesses intervened and she let the child go."

McDonald's restaurant's video footage shows a 4-year-old boy standing near the window as his family member orders food.

The female kidnapper, 5-foot 4-inch, 115 pounds with black hair and unknown eye color, approaches from the light. She quickly picks the unidentified child before walking out of the camera's view.

The police have also reported that the female suspect has a possible birthmark or scar on her forehead. Also, she has unknown tattoos on her left chest, upper back, and left shoulder.

The alleged kidnapping attempt happened around 3.15 pm at McDonald's restaurant, Los Angeles. LAPD officer Lopez also said:

"It's really important. You never know what her state of mind is or what the suspect's actions would be after the crime is completed."