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Man With Hot Girlfriend Says Trolls Claim He Must Be "Rich Or Packing" To Get Someone So Out Of His League

Man With Hot Girlfriend Says Trolls Claim He Must Be 'rich Or Packing' To Get Someone So Out Of His League

When a super hot girl and a seemingly average guy start dating, the first reaction of many is to question the girl's motive for dating the guy. They either attribute his "luck" to being boxed up financially or another weird reason.

A TikTok couple in such a situation has been the constant target of trolls. Will and Katiana have over three million followers on the platform, but not all are fans. Some are just there to envy and question their relationship.


They believe there must be a particular reason why such a hottie would "settle" for an average-looking guy.

In a recent video the couple posted earlier this month, they shared some of the rudest comments they have received from people online for being together.

One person said: "Rich or packing. There's no other way."

Another blatantly asked Katiana: "How much does he pay you?" Some believe she is with Will only for money.


While there are many trolling them, others genuinely support their relationship and believe that beyond appearance, they are well-suited. This affects their relationship more than physical appearance ever could.

They have been described as "adorable," and many wish them the very best.


Public opinion might be essential to certain situations but is better disregarded with personal relationships. No one should be the judge of who suits you or not.

Will and Katiana recognize this and are keeping happy together. They try to focus more on themselves than those who try to belittle them. There's no better response for haters!

But he even has more for those who keep asking. Check out his response below.