Man With Down Syndrome Completes 33 Years Of Dedicated Service In Fast Food

man with down syndrome completes 33 years of dedicated service in fast food

Daniel Lybrink has spent most of his working life working at McDonald's. He worked at the fast food outlet for 33 years.

For his great personality and devoted service, he got a newsworthy retirement party. The man was well known to the regulars, and they will undoubtedly miss him.

Daniel suffers from Down syndrome, and he has been working as a lobby manager for the golden arches in Howell, Michigan, since the year 1984.

The party was hosted at a neighboring McDonald's branch in Brighton, and he was joined by his family, friends, colleagues, and other guests.

All the attendees were encouraged to sign a memory album. This was to ensure that Daniel remembered all the amazing people he met during his golden years.

According to media outlets, after his retirement, Daniel will go back to Lake Michigan with his roommates. The plan is to kick back, relax and enjoy his retirement doing his favorite things.

Daniel proves that people with disabilities can still have productive work lives and even touch lives with their service. There are many misconceptions about such people being able to hold down jobs.

Daniel Is A Lovable Person

Despite suffering from Down syndrome, Daniel was a very lovable employee, and his colleagues and McDonald's clients were happy with his services and his contagious personality.

Daniel was sent off in style with a huge celebration at the age of 61. The party plans started after his caretaker. Molly Wisuri told his coworkers that he was about to retire.

They felt that he deserved a special send-off. This was in special recognition of the fact that the man had worked there for more than 3 decades.

Down syndrome has no cure, and it often requires its victims to receive medical assistance for life. So, it is quite incredible when some sufferers rise above the limitations of this condition to become outstanding and productive members of society.

Daniel will obviously miss his job, considering the enthusiasm with which he did it. However, his customers will be even more devastated to lose the services of this lovable and loyal McDonald's employee.