man who spent $75,000 to become ‘baby ken doll’ says he won’t stop getting plastic surgery

As if we don’t have enough real life Barbies… A 23-year-old man already spent $75,000 to look like a Ken doll. And he has no plans to stop.

To be precise, this young man’s goal is to be Baby Ken Doll, and his weird obsession started when he was just 15. That’s when he started using Botox, because nothing says wrinkles as being a teenageer.

The curious case of men wanting to look like Ken dolls

If this young man doesn’t stop, he’ll end up like Human Ken Doll. Rodrigo Alves spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic surgeries to achieve a distinctive appearance.

Now, he’s facing many health issues due to surgeries. Will he stop? No, he’s seeking out more cosmetic procedures since it’s now “a need,” he said.

Baby Ken doll, real name Tyler Dyvig, should take a good look at Alves. But will he? Doubtful, and here’s what he has in mind when it comes to changing his looks further.

Tyler’s mom is supportive

Dyvig is from North Carolina, but he now lives in Los Angeles. He gets lip procedures three times per year, and among his other procedures are rounds of laser treatments, augmentation of his buttocks, bicep implants, chin and jaw procedures, three times so far.

He’s now planning to go for a round of hair transplants. And the saddest thing is that his support comes straight from his mother. A mother should protect her child, while doing her best to keep her child healthy and happy.

Perhaps young Tyler is happy now, but what will happen once his health starts declining? Speaking about his parents, Tyler says:

My parents are great and had me at a very young age, so I think that kept us on the same wavelength.

He continues talking about his mother:

She always taught me to be the person that I wanted to be, and always let me make my own decisions. She never made them for me, and she supported it, everything, every decision I ever made.

Where’s that facepalm emoji when you need it?

Tyler’s hero is another Ken, Justin Jedlica

Approximately two decades older, Jedlica gained fame and popularity for undergoing over 280 cosmetic procedures.

While most young boys have soccer or basketball players, or musicians as their role models, Tyler chose a person who’s famous for… Well, for having surgeries.

Tyler spoke about his love for Justin:

Justin has always been a great influence. He’s given me the confidence that I didn’t necessarily have as a kid. He’s always told me I could do what I want and be who I want. That’s the type of person I feel like I want in my life”. Justin would point me in the directions of the right doctors and literally designed me as a little baby doll!

On the one hand, everyone deserves to live their dreams. On the other, we need to rethink our priorities, not on our personal levels. No, we need to rethink what’s going on with the human society.