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Man Who Spent £12,480 To Become A Dog Worries His Friends Will Think He's Weird

The man, who spent a significant amount of money to fulfill his dream of becoming a dog, has not shared this information with his friends due to his concern that they will think he is crazy.

You can check out the dog-man in action below:

Earlier this year, a man named Toco unveiled a highly realistic dog costume that cost him over £12,000. In case you missed it, this costume received significant attention and was widely discussed.

While some might consider it wasteful to spend a large amount of money on a fancy dress costume, it is undeniable that the dog costume looks very realistic.

Additionally, Toco previously told MailOnline that he has had the desire to be an animal since he was a child. This helps to provide context for his decision to invest in the highly realistic dog costume.

So for him, the outfit has been a game-changer.

Despite sharing his experiences as an animal with his YouTube followers, Toco has chosen to keep his face hidden from the public, as he is concerned about how his peers might react.

Toco, from Japan, told The Mirror that he rarely shares his animal transformation with his friends because he is afraid of being perceived as strange. He also mentioned that his friends and family were surprised when they found out about his transformation.

He further explained that his desire to become an animal has been a longstanding fantasy of his since childhood.

"I wonder whether it was a desire for transformation."

Toco decided to go with a dog costume, specifically choosing a collie as it is his favorite breed.

Videos on Toco's YouTube page show him engaging in various activities as a dog, including eating, performing tricks, going for walks, and playing frisbee.

Toco mentioned that he purchased his costume from Zeppet, a Japanese company that produces sculptures and models for the film industry. A representative from Zeppet previously stated that the costume allows for the reproduction of a dog's skeleton on a human's skeleton.

"Since the structure of the skeleton is very different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a dog."

Zeppet also shared that they collected photos taken from various angles in order to accurately recreate the collie's coat and make it appear natural.

Although Toco is concerned about how his friends and colleagues would perceive his decision to live as an animal, he has received support from many people online.

One wrote under his viral video: "I'm so happy for you! It's so sweet to see you fulfil your dreams."

Another said: "The costumes and the movements look so realistic... Toco it's amazing."