Weird Story

Man Who Spent £12,480 To Become A Dog Has Now Bought A Giant Cage For Himself To Sleep In

A man from Japan, who owns his own home, enjoys the freedom to do as he pleases, which includes voluntarily confining himself in a cage.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to associate confinement with freedom in a home setting, for Toco, it enables him to live out his aspiration of being a dog.

While many would relish the prospect of living carefree as a well-loved pet, receiving belly rubs and treats, Toco went above and beyond by investing nearly £12,500 in a lifelike dog costume to fully immerse himself in the experience of being a canine.


The aspiring dog now provides glimpses into his life through his YouTube channel. In a recent video, he disclosed that he had acquired a sizable cage as part of his dog lifestyle.

In contrast to having unrestricted access to the house, Toco's video clarifies that he chooses to be confined to a cage while assuming the role of a dog.

Videos depict him snuggling into his small cell for the night as the lights are switched off, and scratching at the bars as he fully embodies the persona of a collie dog, yearning to be released.


He gets fastened to a leash in preparation for a walk and even exhibits his obedience by surrendering a toy in return for a pat on the head.

Toco's latest video has garnered over 20,000 views from curious YouTube viewers, with many applauding him for remaining faithful to his aspirations.

In a prior video, Toco divulged the reason behind his desire to detach from human existence, revealing that he has harbored a faint longing to transform into an animal since childhood.


There's no denying that Toco's choice of lifestyle is unconventional, but he's garnered a sizable following online who admire him for having the courage to embrace his unique identity.

Toco elected to become a collie specifically during his metamorphosis because it's his preferred breed of canine.

"I am particularly fond of cute quadrupedal animals," he explained, adding: "The fact that the size gap with humans is not large was also a deciding factor."


While it's uncertain how at ease Toco is inside his cage, it's likely that he relishes the opportunity to step outside and stretch his legs in the morning.