Man Who Murdered Toddler In Revenge Attack Killed By Gang Of Inmates In Prison

Man Who Murdered Toddler In Revenge Attack Killed By Gang Of Inmates In Prison

Semajs Short died at the Bertie Correctional Institution after being attacked by fellow inmates. The man was put behind bars for shooting a 2-year-old toddler out of revenge.

A gang of inmates attacked the 24-year-old man at the North Carolina facility. The Department of Public Safety released details about the attack.

Semajas Had A 31-Year Prison Sentence

After he was found guilty of the shocking crime, Semajas was convicted and sentenced to spend 31 years behind bars. He was only 17 when he shot 2-year-old Dy'Unanna Anderson.


Jamonte Moody was also on trial with him for trying to kill the child's grandmother.

During his sentencing, the district attorney said he had the responsibility of holding people accountable for the roles they play in certain crimes. He pointed out that people should feel safe in their homes, but incidents like those created by Semajas destroy the security and sanctity of these places.


Semajas Attacked The Toddler And The Grandmother Out Of Revenge

Teddy Anderson was wanted over the killing of 15-year-old Keyuon Garner, and Semajas and Moody went to Teddy's sister's home. Once the pair got there, they started shooting inside the house through a window while standing on an AC unit.

The toddler was shot through the head, and he died before he could get to the hospital.


Fellow Inmates Heard About Semajas' Crime And Decided To Act

During the attack on the killer, three other inmates got injured and had to be taken to a hospital outside the prison for treatment. However, they had minor injuries.

Semajas died at the scene, and all attempts by paramedics to revive him bore no fruit.

He Had Already Served Five Years Of His Sentence

Semajas was due for release from prison in 2044. He had just served five years of his sentence.


Soon after his murder, the prison was put in lockdown, and Windsor Police Department and N.C. State Bureau started looking into the attack.