Man Who Loves Drifting Builds ‘drift Driveway’ Around His House, Angers Wife

Car enthusiasts are usually very passionate about their cars and are ready to put in every possible effort to spruce up their playground. One driver, however, decided to go much further and build a drift track around his home.

Takeshi Teruya had his head in the clouds for a long time before he decided to install the 0.1-mile drift track, much to his wife’s anger. The driver loves to compete in drifting competitions and confesses that he had loved drifting since he learned how to drive and has been actively involved in this sport for years.

While attending a car event, the inspiration for what finally happened at a home he had not yet purchased hit him. After engaging in a few festivals, the 37-year old mechanic started planning to have his own drifting trackback at his house. It is said that most of the labor was done by himself and the track was relatively cheaper than the cost of the land he had purchased to build his home. He was also not worried about neighbors as most of his neighbors were car lovers, including his former boss. All of them helped on this project by lending a hand in the labor. However, his wife was not initially a fan of the track.

As a sport, car drifting is known to be only for the very skilled and someone looking to engage in the sport has to be very willing to practice a lot and sharpen their skills. It keeps them sharp on the road and keen on all the corners and turns around the track. With enough practice on a safe playground, the competitions will come and go without anyone ever noticing the dedication placed into getting better. Driving for the mechanic is a passion and the track he and his friends built has proved to be the ultimate ground on which to practice safely. Motocross championships will now be getting him ready to take on the competition and prove that he, too, has been getting as prepared as they are.

Complex moves on the field are also easy to master when there is plenty of practice time, which is why the driver has been so dedicated to getting pumped up. Even with the wife initially objecting to this set-up, the rest of the time has been fun, as even the children have gotten some space in which they can ride their bikes. The usage of space in the new home is another amazing factor that only comes to the fore when you consider moving around. He has to do in limited spaces. However, it is also a reason to be better at drifting and with the limitation in spaces comes a better sense of driving and sharper skills while in the car. One unique thing related to the drift space at home is the beauty it has added to the home and the prestigious impression on neighbors and friends.