Weird Story

Man Who Lived For 82 Years Without Ever Knowing What A Woman Looked Like

The question of what a man is without a woman was succinctly answered by Mihailo Tolotos, who lived to the ripe old age of 82 without ever setting eyes upon a member of the fairer sex.

How was this possible, you may wonder? The explanation follows.

According to reports, Tolotos was born in 1856 and regrettably never had the chance to behold his mother, who passed away shortly after his birth.

Subsequently, the young boy was left an orphan and was taken in by Orthodox Monks who resided at a monastery on Mount Athos in Greece.

Tolotos was raised in a distinct setting governed by strict regulations that had been in place for centuries. Among these regulations was a decree that forbade the presence of women at the monastery.

One might wonder whether Tolotos could have ventured out into the streets to catch a glimpse of the opposite sex, but the answer is a resounding no.

He spent his entire life within the confines of Mount Athos and never left its precincts. The closest he ever came to encountering a woman was through hearsay or reading about them in books.

Remarkably, after his passing, Tolotos' singular way of life was commemorated by the monks at Mount Athos, who arranged for him to receive a unique burial. They believed that he was the only man in the world to have lived and died without ever laying eyes upon a woman.

A newspaper report acknowledged his death and noted that women were not the sole aspect of life that Tolotos had missed out on.

"Neither had he beheld an automobile, a movie or an airplane," the article explained.

The remarkable tale of Ho Van Lang is another example of a man who was oblivious to the existence of women for a significant portion of his life.

Lang, who passed away at the age of 52, had been living in seclusion with his father, Ho Van Thanh, in a small village in Vietnam.

The pair had been "rescued" eight years prior to Lang's death, after living in isolation for four decades. During the Vietnam War in 1972, Lang, his brother Tri, and their father fled civilization following the death of Lang's wife and two children in a US bombing.

Ho Van Thanh, Lang's father, had a deep-seated fear of returning to civilization as he believed that the Vietnam War was still ongoing. Ho Van Thanh passed away in 2017.

According to reports from Docastaway, Lang spent the vast majority of his life deep in the jungles of Vietnam, specifically in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province.

Lang was highly skilled at hunting for food using any means necessary, subsisting entirely off the wilderness, which provided him with a range of food options such as fruits, honey, monkey, snake, lizard, frog, or any other available creatures. Reportedly, Lang's favorite part of a rat was its head.

When asked if he knew what a female was, Lang responded that his father had never explained the concept to him, but he had since seen women in the village.

Even during their time in the jungle, they encountered only five people, on each occasion running away and hiding from them.