Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases RAP Dissing Ex

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

Tony Garnett, a British dad who ditched his partner to pursue a relationship with a Ukrainian refugee staying with them, has released a rap song to diss "an ex." He took off with the Ukrainian woman ten days after she moved into their house.

The song's video was posted less than 24 hours after he received a restraining order from his former partner, Lorna Garnett. Following the court order, Tony has been prevented from contacting Lorna, the mother of their two daughters.

She sought the restraining order after Tony allegedly sent abusive texts to her.

Tony is a security guard, and he left Lorna and their two girls to be with Sofiia Karkadym, the 22-year-old refugee. They have been together for two months now.

They had sponsored her as a refugee from Ukraine after Putin invaded the country, forcing many residents to flee.

Right now, Tony and Sofiia are planning to marry and have children. However, before this can happen, doctors must reverse his vasectomy.

Hours after the court hearing that saw him lose his rights to contact his former partner, he released a song on YouTube called Ukraine to UK Rain.

The song accuses an "ex" of being "two-faced." The track also alleges that the ex was playing with Tony's emotions "like a video console."

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

He goes on to rap:

"I'm now with a blonde - but yes, my ex was a brunette."

Tony says in the song that Ukraine is a "country torn apart with war crimes and bad pain."

He also addresses the issue of him leaving his kids behind:

"Should I have stayed there just to be with my kids? No, thank you, not today. You see, my mental state forbids."

While speaking to the media, Tony said he loves wordplay and was able to create the song in less than an hour. However, he believes that he can "do much better."

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

Tony notes that he did not name Lorna but only said "my ex." For this reason, he is confident that he will not get into problems because a solicitor also approves.

Based on his song, he could be talking about any ex. Tony also revealed to the media that he had informed the judge he would be writing music about the experiences he had been through.

The song's chorus says, "I don't care what you have to say."

Lorna, Tony's ex, told the media that she had seen the video. She also said that it was apparent that the lyrics were written about her.

She said the accusations in the song were "complete lies" before saying she was not supposed to discuss Tony on social media.

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

Lorna claims that her ex violated the court order by releasing the song, and she got in touch with her lawyer and the police. The solicitor agreed that Tony had breached the restraining order by releasing the tune.

As to the female vocalist on the track, Tony claimed to have found her in the US using Fiverr, the freelancing site. She did her part for just $5.

In the restraining order, Tony cannot get within 100 meters of his former home, which he shared with Lorna and their two girls.

He agreed to a non-molestation restraining order without admissions. The order directs that he cannot call, text, or email Lorna or get in touch with her through social media.

The order is believed to have said nothing about YouTube.

After receiving the restraining order, he said:

"If it helps her sleep at night, then so be it. I know the truth. I've done nothing wrong. I didn't turn up with a solicitor because I don't have anything to defend. Sadly, this is turning into an episode of Jeremy Kyle."

Tony and Lorna were not married, but she had already changed her surname by deed poll.

She also agreed she would not make any "derogatory" statements about Tony on social media. Lorna also had to remove previous posts about him.

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

An angry Lorna said she wanted nothing to do with her ex and wanted him out of her life.

Tony's song also has lines saying:

"For those who think they know me, I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm a product on the shelf made famous by the media – it's a shame about the truth. But you can't see any clearer. I don't recognize that man when I'm looking in the mirror... I stand by what I've done because my IQ's 150+."

He says he does not regret anything he has done and lives "to the fullest" with "no regrets."

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

Tony also talks about people asking him about leaving his ex and the kids in the songs. He raps, explaining that he was never married and that she had changed her name by deed poll.

Therefore, according to the lyrics, Tony is not as heartless as people think. He said the kids knew the truth and would always be his "babies."

Man Who Left Partner For Ukrainian Refugee Releases Rap Dissing Ex

In the song, he explains that it was his idea to sponsor someone from Ukraine and that her ex "wasn't really bothered" because she "has no heart."

He describes Ukraine as a country torn apart by war and would want someone to do the same for his kids if the UK faced a similar situation.

Tony says his mental state forbade him from staying in the house with his ex. He went on to rap that speaking to the papers only awoke "the trolls, weirdos, and the f***g haters."