Man Who Knows Nothing About K-Pop Organizes Kim Jong-un Themed Party For Sister

Man Who Knows Nothing About K-Pop Organizes Kim Jong-un Themed Party For Sister

A big brother wanted to give his sister a birthday she won't forget. And he did, but for all the wrong reasons!

Vitor de Souza from Brazil knew one thing – his sister Emanuela is a big K-Pop fan. The problem is that he knows nothing about Korean musicians.

When he was put in charge of birthday decorations for a Korean themed party, the birthday girl was not dazzled. Her party turned into the celebration of North Korean dictator Kim Jong.

He wrote on Facebook:

Today is my sister's birthday, she's a K-pop fan. I was in charge of the decoration. Since I don't know any K-pop bands, I decorated it with the most famous Korean I know. She loved it.

Birthday girl's mixed feelings

The video shows that the 12-year-old girl was anything but impressed. She appears amused and agitated at the same time, but that's the thing with big brothers: they mean well, but they can't bother to use Google.

To make matters worse, if possible, Vitor made a little speech to his sister as they were entering the party. He said:

Here's the thing, I know you like those Korean singers, only I don't know it very well, so the theme of your party I made the most famous Korean I know. Okay?

Emanuele's first thought it was one of the BTS guys, but instead, she got to celebrate her big day with a poster of the infamous leader, which had been edited to make him look as if he was wearing a party hat and was surrounded by balloons.

And the cake? Decorated with multiple pictures of Jong-un in various stances! It has to be one of the most bizarre as well as the most original cakes in Brazil.

Eyewitnesses explained that the seven faces of Jong-un displayed on the cake each represented a different K-pop band member, a revelation that made the birthday girl laugh even harder.

Clueless brother and unforgettable birthday

Of course, Emanuele's party is viral now, and many are questioning whether her brother was actually for real or was he trolling her.

We choose to believe that Vitor was simply too lazy to check out what's K-Pop and to realize that there's more than one famous person in Korea, North or South.

Man Who Knows Nothing About K-Pop Organizes Kim Jong-un Themed Party For Sister

At the end of the day, it is something that the birthday girl will never forget. Despite too many Kim Jongs, the preteen stated she loved the party and appreciated the efforts.

We hope that there was actual K pop music and not speeches from one of the world's most famous dictators.

Siblings are a blessing, and despite their shortcomings, Vitor, like many other brothers, tried. Yes, he failed, but at least he was original in his approach to throwing a birthday party for a 12-year-old.

Besides, Emanuela should just send him the bill from a therapist once she's older and still haunted by these images!