Man Who Had Sex With Pet Chickens While Wife Filmed Is Sentenced To Prison

man who had sex with pet chickens while wife filmed is sentenced to prison

A 37-year-old man, Rehan Baig, will spend three years in jail for having sex with his pet chickens as his wife recorded the shocking acts on video.

The British man, who comes from Bradford, apparently did the acts of bestiality while also having sex with his 38-year-old wife, Haleema.

The Videos Were Saved On His Computer

The despicable videos were taken with the help of his phone and GoPro. The couple then saved the incriminating recordings on Rehan's computer for later use.


They were innocently labeled "family videos."

The National Crime Agency discovered the content after someone gave them a tip-off that resulted in a raid of the couple's home.

The Couple Had Other Offenses

In addition to the animal abuse crimes the couple had committed, the couple was also found to be in possession of several images of indecent children.


According to the judge, their own indecent videos showed the man having "penetrative sexual intercourse with several chickens."

Haleema Encouraged Her Husband To Commit The Acts

The judge also explained that the man's wife, Haleema, made "encouraging remarks" to the man as he had sex with the chickens before having sex with him.

They recorded the incidents in the cellar area of their home.


In addition to abusing the chicken, the couple is also alleged to have abused a dog.

A Chicken Died Of The Abuse

What made things worse was that a chicken lost its life to the abuse. However, Rehan still had sex with it, and when he was done, he tossed it in the trash.

Clearly, Rehan needs the three years he has gotten to rethink his life decisions and find his sense of morality. Hopefully, by the time he gets out, his unnatural and disgusting passions will have died off.