Weird Story

Man Who Got A Letter Informing Him He Was Dead Was Forced To Get A Note From The GP To Prove He Was Alive

After receiving a letter from the government informing him of his death, the man was left in a state of shock.

Mark Cusack, a former town councilor for Hungerford at 48 years old, received an unsettling letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that caught him off guard.

According to the letter, Mark had passed away, which was a shock to him. As a result, he lost his National Insurance number and was unable to pay his council tax.

Mark, who resides with his dog Puggles, stated that his previous employer had also been notified of his supposed death. Consequently, he had to visit his GP to obtain a medical certificate proving that he was still alive.

Although it may seem absurd, correcting the government's error regarding one's death can require considerable effort, and it's natural to be curious about the reason for the mistake.

Mark stated that he could find humor in the situation and had successfully obtained a medical certificate from his GP to verify that he was indeed alive.

He said: "She joked that I should consider cashing in any life insurance I might have. I've reported the matter to Action Fraud, given that I've had a previous issue of identity theft."

"The current situation may seem farcical but it has many ramifications. I really wouldn't want anyone else to be faced with a situation where they're suddenly 'deceased,' especially not someone with a health condition or who is in a vulnerable situation."

"Unfortunately, reversing everything is not as simple as making a phone call or writing a letter."

Mark's GP issued a medical certificate on February 17, stating that she had personally seen him during a consultation and confirming that he was alive. With this documentation, it is hoped that the matter will now be resolved, and Mark can resume his life without any further issues.

Several individuals who were believed to be deceased have narrowly escaped being permanently laid to rest. In one instance, a man regained consciousness just in time, as mortuary personnel was preparing to perform a blood-draining procedure on him.

Another person who had been mistakenly declared dead shocked their family members when they were discovered to be still breathing after spending an entire night in a mortuary freezer.

Another individual came dangerously close to being buried alive when their family observed movement while making funeral arrangements.

The DWP spokesperson declined to comment on Mark's allegations of being erroneously notified of his own death, citing insufficient information to investigate the matter.