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Man Visits "World's Loneliest House" On Remote Island That Has Been Abandoned For 100 Years

Man Visits “world’s Loneliest House” On Remote Island That Has Been Abandoned For 100 Years

A TikToker created a series of his time in the "world's loneliest house" on a remote island, sparking conspiracy theories and have us all wondering: what happened to this beautiful home.

The house in Iceland has been abandoned for a century, and naturally, the videos went viral. We are always searching for something new, a presumably haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere will spark everyone's imagination.

The Tiktoker, who goes by the name @interestingman, gathered five videos, and so far, these have gathered over 18 million views.

It helped that he mentioned there are "tons of conspiracy theories around it."

World's Loneliest House And Its Secrets


The island Elliðaey is in the south of Iceland. It is mostly green scenery with a white house standing proud and hiding secrets for over a century.

In the first video, the TikToker explained:

"Some people think a billionaire built this place in case of a zombie apocalypse. Some people think it's a religious cult, but most people just want to move here and get away from their problems."

The initial video racked up over 11k comments, and most TikTok users agreed that it would not be a bad place to live in:

"I would sell my soul to live there."

Another added:


"Imagine you live there, and then someone knocks on the door…."

The original poster stated that:

"This trip is said to be extremely dangerous, and locals say you'd have to be stupid to go with no experience."

So, he met up with a local guide, Bjarni, and a driver Ragnar.

Getting To The Island Is Challenging


As if a haunted house wasn't enough, even getting to this remote island was a challenge. A local man told our detective, a.k.a. TikToker, that it's not good weather for sailing, but off they went.

While on the boat, the Tiktoker said:

"Ah, I'm terrified. This is the part of the video where I can never really illustrate how scared I am and, like, just how dangerous this is for someone like me who has no experience doing anything."

After a wild ride, the Interesting Man stated:

"There's a lonely house on the other side of the island, and I've got two Icelandic dudes to share it with."

The three men entered the house, and our hero is just the 11 265th person to set foot in the building.


The following morning Bjorni made them breakfast and explained that the house for originally made for bird scientists.

As much as we loved the idea of something more mysterious, the TikToker didn't get a chance to explore it any further. Three men had to leave the house since the mainland called.

And that's when the TikToker said something we could all agree with:

"Well, one thing's for sure. I know where I'm going in a zombie apocalypse."

We know that this house, far, far away, has no electricity, and getting things delivered would be mission impossible. The island has been uninhabited since the 1930s.

Still, nice place for a zombie apocalypse, especially with all the scenic nature.