Man Used Internet Registry To Track Down And Beat Up Pedophiles And Sex Offenders

Man Used Internet Registry To Track Down And Beat Up Pedophiles And Sex Offenders

This vigilante, a victim of molestation and abuse as a child, tracked down and beat up pedophiles and sex offenders with a hummer.

Jason Vukovich, 43, was sentenced to 23 years behind bars in February 2018 after being charged with numerous assaults and robbery.

However, after hearing his story, many people deemed him a 'vigilante hero.' All of the victims he purposely attacked were actually pedophiles.

Justifying his actions, Vukovich called himself an "avenging angel seeking justice" for the people sex offenders hurt. But he later expressed regret for his crimes, saying that he takes "full responsibility for his actions."

During a court hearing before his sentencing, it was revealed that Vukovich was a victim of molestation and abuse when he was a child. He told the court that his stepfather sexually and physically assaulted him.

According to the police report, Vukovich tracked three pedophiles using a state's sex offender registry list and attacked the offenders in June 2016.

He reportedly knocked down one of the men with a hammer, leaving him unconscious. Vukovich also robbed his victims after vengeful beatings.

Prosecutors revealed that Vukovich had a notebook that contained names of pedophiles. His victims Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa, and Wesley Demarest, were also included in the list.

During his sentencing, Superior Court Judge Erin Marston said:

"Vigilantism is not something that we accept in America."

Marston added that the men he attacked might have been guilty of sex assaults, but they had already paid for their crimes. They're required to keep their names on the registry.

But after Vukovich pleaded guilty, prosecutors dismissed some of the charges against him.

In a letter to Anchorage Daily News, Vukovich pleaded to the public not to turn to vengeful violence as he did.

He wrote:

"If you have already lost your youth, like me, due to a child abuser, please do not throw away your present and your future by committing acts of violence."

"There is no place for vigilante justice in an ordered society. I thought back to my experiences as a child and felt the overwhelming desire to act. I took matters into my own hands and assaulted three pedophiles."

"And I began my life sentence many, many years ago. It was handed down to me by an ignorant, hateful, poor substitute for a father."

"I now face losing most of the rest of my life due to a decision to lash out at people like him."

"To all those who have suffered like I have, love yourself and those around you. This is truly the only way forward."

In another interview, Vukovich insisted that he wasn't proud of what he did, and he doesn't need to be celebrated for beating up pedophiles.

Vukovich said:

"I'm far from perfect — a flawed and imperfect individual like everyone else."

"However, it's important that someone else who was born and raised in Alaska who had a similar upbringing doesn't end up with this outcome because, quite candidly, it sucks."

Vukovich's attorney, Ember Tilton, defended Vukovich claiming that he needed psychological therapy, not imprisonment.

Tilton said:

"I don't think he needs to be punished. He's already been punished."

"This whole thing started out as the punishment of a child who didn't deserve to be treated in that way."

It has recently been noted that even criminals, who're already behind bars, don't tolerate pedophiles and child abusers.

In a recent incident, a notorious pedophile, Christian Maire, was beaten to death by inmates at a prison in Milan, Michigan. Prisoners decided the death penalty was the proper punishment for his crimes.