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Man Tasered Because He Wouldn't Stop Having Sex With Car Exhaust

man tasered because he wouldn’t stop having sex with car exhaust

Kansas man charged with 'lewd and lascivious behavior' after cops found him naked, having sex with a car exhaust.

A resident called the police after seeing a naked man underneath a car in an apartment complex parking lot.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found the man sticking his penis into the car exhaust several times.

According to a police report, the man, identified as Ryan Malek, had taken a liking to a newer model, a grey Dodge Dart.

man tasered because he wouldn't stop having sex with car exhaust

And despite the police presence, an 'oblivious' Malek continued his acts, ignoring the officers' attempts to stop him.

An officer had to taser him to make him stop.

Lieutenant Scott Powell explained:

Officers were there, and he continued to try and have sex with the tailpipe of the car. He would not listen to commands or anything.

They ended up tasing him.

The cops then took the man to hospital for examination, where they discovered 'he was high on some sort of drug.'

He also had a possible head injury sustained before police arrived. Cops later charged him with lewd and lascivious behavior.

In court, the jury sentenced Malek to one year of probation and ordered him to pay a $200 fine.

Not to assume too much about Malek's relationship with the car, being in love with one's car is, in fact, a fetish called mechanophilia.

The bizarre fetish also involves sexual attraction to bikes, helicopters, ships and airplanes.

In some countries, acts of mechanophilia can send you to prison or earn you a sex offender registry.

But in the US, it's not actually illegal to bang your car. It's only against the law to do it in public.

In a similar incident, a Washington state man, Edward Smith, recently claimed to have had sex with 1,000 cars.

man tasered because he wouldn't stop having sex with car exhaust

In a media interview, Smith explained:

Some guys look at boobs and bums on beautiful women. But I look at the front and rear of beautiful cars.

I go a little bit beyond appreciating the beauty of a car, to the point of what I feel is an expression of love.

I write poetry about cars, I sing to them and talk to them like a girlfriend.

I'm not sick. Cars are just my preference.

At his peak, he was having sex with at least one car a week.

Now, however, he prefers a more monogamous lifestyle. He limits his affections to 'Vanilla,' a Volkswagen Beetle he has had for more than 30 years.

Smith continued:

When I hold Vanilla in my arms, there's a powerful energy that comes from her.

I would say it is extremely satisfying, but at times a little melancholy because I know she cannot talk to me. But overall, I know she feels what I feel, and it's intense.

If anything was to happen to her, I would be more than heartbroken.