Man Stabbed Neighbor To Death As Her Music Disturbed A Scrabble Game

A man from France is charged with killing his neighbor by stabbing them, reportedly due to the disturbance caused by the victim's music during a game of Scrabble.

Benjamin C, age 41, stands accused of the killing of Romane, a 21-year-old student who resided downstairs, following her invitation to a group of friends for a chat and card game on May 16, 2020, at the conclusion of the first lockdown in Lyon.

Benjamin, disturbed by the noise which was reportedly not very loud according to police and neighbors, paused his game to go knock on the door.

It is believed that Benjamin drew a knife and inflicted a stab wound on Romane's femoral artery, causing her to bleed out on the floor.

Romane passed away in the hospital two days after the incident.

As the man entered the apartment with a knife in hand, Romane exclaimed "you're crazy".

Romane's friends, who were visiting her as France lifted its initial strict lockdowns, chased the man away from the apartment, wielding a stool as a threat.

When the officers arrived, they found that the man had returned to calmly playing his game of online Scrabble.

The defendant's lawyers claimed that he was disturbed by the noise as his diminished eyesight had heightened his hearing sensitivity.

He calmly asked the police "how is she?" when prompted.

The accused is entering a plea of not guilty for intentional murder, asserting that he "did not realize he had wounded anyone" due to his poor eyesight.

The defense lawyers assert that he only intended to scare the victim.

Court psychologists determined that the man was not experiencing a mental illness that would cause such a reaction, but rather had released a buildup of tension.

The defendant claims to have sent multiple letters to the building's trustee, requesting that the lease of his younger neighbor be terminated and even offering to pay to expedite the process.

The defendant stated that he had made four calls urging the process along without any progress, leading to his outburst.